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Hi Zippy, since I'm addicted with your drawing style (it's amazing, really!!! *_*) I wanted to ask you if you could draw Erza as a good luck for my final exams at High School... If this is expecting too much, don't worry, I think you're great anyway!

Thank you very much!! Also, I didn’t know which style you meant, so I drew 2 Erzas.. one teaching another ;)


Jerza Week: Bonus Day - Tomorrow

Which came first? the idea or the theme? who knows, Imagination knows no limits and the private matters of a fair maiden are serious bussiness, the most when those include Erza and her love (fangirl side included) for his beloved fugitive.

The title of the magazine is a little homage to Estella-May’s fic A Very Crime Sorciere White Day. And I have to thank Bellagirl cause she sparked this idea with a single comment about the FT Magazine featuring Jellal and if Erza hugging it would count as getting to… second base?? well, something like that, I have a weird brain ^^u


Current Status: Busted brainz but working on “Roses/Strawberries” prompt. I’ll do every one of them but it would be a very slow proccess, cause yeah, all of them are comics… I am crazy, I know and I am loving and regretting it with passion xD


FT girls as Gems from Steven Universe? I thought Lucy would be a moonstone, Erza is a red diamond, Juvia is aquamarine, and Mirajane is a black star sapphire! I have no idea what a fusion would look like for them. I really like this art style, though deciding how to make their outfits took forever and I’m still not 100% happy with them. Oh well!

title -  irrevocable (things i’ve always wanted to hear)

summary - her blood splattered everywhere, from his skin to the soft petals of the roses they were surrounded by [[jerza week day 1: roses/strawberries]]

The war waged on around them, screams and thunder filling the air. Lightning broke the skies, thin ribbons of a mix of yellow and white lights. 

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