Erruit has psionic abilities. He’s able to manipulate objects that he could lift, or move on his own, as he gets older and more skilled with his powers those objects may bet heavier and larger than his physical abilities. he can also make himself float with ease even thought he cannot lift an object heavier or weighs the same as his body weight. 

He also, when made upset, can freeze water. He hasn’t been able to tap into that ability on his own. 

Erruit’s Lusus is a seeker from skyrim. He’s obsessed with knowledge much like how Apocrypha’s surrounded in knowledge and books. He has a massive library that needs to be reorganized and cleaned a lot (usually by erruit) 

Erru’s hive is much like how the places in Apocrypha is. With moving walls and chambers and bridges and what-not. 

His lusus is very strict with him, which is why he tried to get out of the hive a lot, even if he hates the interration with others. 

His lusus is kinda like those parents who try to force their kids to do well in school. His lusus wants him to know everything and all he can.