So I've decided that jellyfish really creep me out.

Not sure why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that jellyfish start out as part of those “ocean plants that are really animals” things.

Completely random thing to be squeamish about, considering not much biology-related phases me anymore, but… yeah.

Medusa bud = baby baby jellyfish

Also, this just freaks me the fuck out:


*runs away*

BTW: one of the only other things that make me squeamish is the sight of flowing blood. Like, a pool of blood doesn’t bother me, but seeing blood drawn into little vial things? I can’t look at it. Really bothers me for some reason :/

im flunking pre cal with a 43 oh god its barely 3 weeks in progress reports go out this week my moms gonna yell at me again i can feel it i know shes gonna keep questioning me until i end up bawling on the floor im not ready for this i dont wanna do this i was fine for summer but then school started up again and i cant stop thinking im a failure no no no please dont god know i was actually happy