That time when Mafumafu released “Meikyou Shisui”, Sakata, Urata & Amatsuki were trying to promote his album like…

Sakata: By the way, I bought Meikyou Shisui and I lost weight and got a girlfriend.

Urata: For real?! That’s sooo cool!

Amatsuki: Awesome!!

Sakata: Of course everything happened because I bought Meikyou Shisui!

Urata: And what’s the name of your girlfriend?

Sakata: Err, Meikyou… Me-Meiko.

Urata: Meiko Shisui?

Sakata: Meiko Shisuiko.

Mafumafu: That’s enough guys…. thank you so much…

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Err there's one design of yours I'd love to cosplay, how can I show it to you? Like, should I tag it someway, or submit?

either way is fine but if you want to post it yourself you can tag it “ikimaru” so I can take a look! 8’)

Tienes que mostrar al mundo como lo que eres. No nos sirve de mucho guardar los poemas, las canciones, los dibujos, las fotografías, las palabras, hay que compartirlo, sin miedo al rechazo, afrontando la crueldad alrededor y al mismo tiempo la simpatía por no engañarnos. Porque hoy en día todos pretenden ser perfectos pero temen enseñar su esencia hermosamente imperfecta, el verdadero rostro de su corazón, no basta con compartir lo que tenemos también hay que dar lo que somos, la sinceridad nos hace aceptarnos y vivir con una pauta de gozo más notable que la de muchos otros. Espero que no huyas de ti, que tomes el ánimo de romper las creencias erróneas que han hecho de ti, porque de la manera en que eres ahora has sido siempre sólo que evolucionando en un ritmo ascendente, abrázate con todo lo que detestas, gozas y ríes de ti. Sublime alma, has venido a vivir para ser lo que piensas de tu persona
—  Quetzal Noah

Oggi, armato di pazienza ed anima inossidabile, dovrei avventurarmi nella terza ed auspicabilmente ultima ricerca dei regali natalizi per amici, conoscenti e passanti casuali.
Che io vaghi nella più cupa oscurità è sottinteso, soprattutto quest’anno che quella a cui regalo sempre i libri non ci vede e che al suo ragazzo non piace niente. Niente.
Vorrei avere la tempra, ogni anno, di quei taccagni luridissimi che per non spender due lire si fanno paladini senza vergogna dell’anticonsumismo.
Comunque, alle tre viene a prendermi Marchetto che ha la erre moscia, e quando viene a prendermi Marchetto devo aspettarlo dall’altra parte della strada, ampia, quasi deserta, a tratti equivoca.
Tira fuori la coscia se no non mi fermo, scuotiti un po’, dice sempre Marchetto quando deve venirmi a prendere.


Of flowers and spices and all things err, nices?

Quebec’s Dieu du Ciel have, in just a handful of beers, made a rather large impression on this here disembodied collection of words and pictures. Inventive and experimental, they create beers of almost every style (or combination of styles) you could wish to stumble across, and the two beautifully labelled examples you see above are brewed using flowers and spices. Intrigued by the possibilities these adjuncts present, I shall waste no more time (woohoo!) and dive in!

To begin we have Rosée d’Hibiscus (5.9% abv), a rather pretty looking hibiscus flower infused wheat beer. A sweet brew with just a hint of tartness tart up front leading into a mildly bitter finish, it’s floral and fruity with instantly recognisable hibiscus (if you know what hibiscus flowers taste like that is. I love ‘em and often munch on a bunch), red berries, citrus, and hints of something peachy. Like peach. I really enjoyed it, a tasty and refreshing easy drinking beer that’d make a great summer time garden beer. Perfect with a nice flower petal salad. 

Route des Éspices (5.3% abv) is next, this black and green peppercorn rye beer starts off medium sweet with flavours of brown sugar sprinkled dark fruits. A mild spiciness soon steps in and builds to a tongue tingling peppery finish, a mildly nutty maltiness lurks beneath the warming spice and there’s a somewhat medicinal quality to the whole thing. It’s an interesting and tasty brew alright, I’m really glad I tried it but I don’t think it’s the kinda thing I’d buy often, more something to enjoy occasionally on a chill autumn evening. With a turning leaf salad…

Once again these peeps have impressed with a couple of flavoursome, finely crafted ales that’ve been a delight to drink. I can’t say they’ll replace the simply divine Aphrodisiaque or Moralité in my heart, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for something a little different. Cheers!


egy-két helyről árad már így is a szeretet, mindenki áthatott ünnepi hangulatban tölti már ezeket a napokat. hát én ezzel az örök klasszikussal kívánok mindenkinek jó pihenést, meg ilyesmit erre a pár napra.

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WHATS THE most HiLaRIous thing you've done during sex??



There was this one time… I said… err… something embarrassing during it…

I ended up saying “Oh Daddy!” and the bae stopped

and I was super embarassed

and then…. she kinda went with it with the smuggest grin on her fucking face.



Azt a valós tényt abban a valós színben tüntette fel

“A rágalmazás bűncselekménye valótlan, illetve valós tények állításával is elkövethető - emelte ki, hozzátéve: így az a kijelentés, hogy valaki “korrupt”, illetve “korrupciós cselekményt követett el”, az állítás valóságtartalmától függetlenül is alkalmas lehet a becsület csorbítására.”

csodalatos a magyar jog, erre biztos nem volt felkeszulve a hulye amerikaija, aki mindemellett, ugye, konkretan senkirol nem is allitott semmit.

snager-dragon replied to your post: hellooo i’m going to be putting togeth…

all i can think of is ‘what do you do when your fellow internet artists throw shade at other fellow internet artists and you looked up to them BOTH’

this is important for a lot of people online to know, so I’ll answer it here:

1) try to become as informed about the issue (or non-issue) as you possibly can. is it stemming from their art, or from their personal, private lives?  is it totally catty and pointless? is it because someone said something deeply offensive and won’t apologise? has real harm been caused, or not?

2) does it affect the way you perceive the artists or their art? why? has it revealed them to be truly unpleasant people, or just regular humans who err like everyone else?

3) either continue following them and their work, or don’t. that’s your call

Another day

Me: *sticks*

Me: ah…there! Perfect! Hehe *blushes* such a lovely poster of azusa…

Me: what do you think mom? Is it tilted or anything?

Mom: tch..! I don’t know why you find that and those character so atractive! They look gay

Me: WHAT?!

Mom: and why does that one have bandages ?

Me: first of all THEY LOOK HOT!
Second you know im into masochist and that im a sadistic girl
Third he loves pain! He cuts himself often!

Mom: meh…


Mom: well….uh….err….


Mom: tch…..!

Me: now leave my husband alone! *leans on the azusa poster*

sunandreign said: >apocalypse >watching movies; err I’m seeing a bit of plothole in this idea.

>wastes all available battery life to watch apocalypse movies during the apocalypse

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hi hello, i am on the autism spectrum. the r slur im never okay with, but words like stupid, dumb, idiotic, i dont mind so long as its not directed at people. (like clothes or computers, etc). i however cant speak for everyone, so grain of salt etc

Okay!! I feel like in the end it’s about mindfulness and tbh I’d rather just try to strike them from my vocab altogether to err on the side of caution.