Another two poems I made as Moriarty. 

I set my wolf among you sheep. And off the cliff you all leap. One after one you stupidly fall, and all you manage to do is bawl

"I set my wolf among you sheep" is based from a quote by M (Moriarty) from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

This is just another game. Another game I shall win. Make it exciting and not tame. Because I intend to die with a grin.

This is pretty much feels. ^^; Yet I love it. (gave feels to another fan)

Anatomy has always been a fuckin’ issue with me.
This is a fankid I’ve scrapped
I liked her, but had no motivation to make any further development
Her name was Alyxe Vivere and she was a hard core gamer and loved zombies.
She spoke in a typically chat speak often seen in mmorpg’s and other online games. (I used to game a lot myself so) 

The posters were found at googled and just pasted on to the background. 

Original characters of a role play/story drawn in Adventure Time style.
Left to right:
Mizu, Luna Riddle, Shin Takashi and Hisoka.

The aura represent their personality.
Rainbow - cheerful and proud, not discriminating against any kind of gender and sexuality. Looking at the bright side of things.
Red - blood thirsty, twisted and violent. Wounded and mental.
Black - Dark, controlled, hiding emotions, 
Green - connected to nature, emotional 

My crazy original characters
Mizu and Michi
Mizu is briefly mentioned before. 
Michi is Shin’s little brother 
I found this pose on deviantArt somewhere. 

I drew these two together since they are rather similar.
Both are cheerful and decides to look at the bright side at all times (with exceptions of course)