Person of Interest Initiative 2.0

Mission Statement: To Support our cast & crew!

Goal: To help Person of Interest get relocated (this is tentative, pending an official statement)

Once there is an official statement from Greg Plageman & Jonah Nolan, we will take to twitter to support their goal. The ONLY hash tag we will use will be the #PersonofInterest tag. This is because it is the show’s official tag and is tracked. If showrunners decide to seek another home for Person of Interest, we will address only Warner Bros as it is their property which will be the most likely place for a relocation… Even above Netflix.

Also remember etiquette when tweeting. Please refrain from offensive language that would be counterproductive to our cause. And please, only use ONE tag in a post. Using more than one will cause the official tag to be canceled out.


So you all don’t get frustrated when the time comes, let me give you a brief explanation of trending. It doesn’t happen by total number of tweets, but by an accelerated amount of tweets in a short time.

How you can help:

- BOOST! Reblog! Reblog! Reblog! I want this post and any updates to it to spread like wild fire!

- Retweet a lot! Even if you’re slow in making your own tweets, retweet the #PersonofInterest tag.

- Lastly, we need a “Power hour” for America and Europe. If anyone more saavy with time zones than I would like to coordinate that, please let me or shortysociopath know.

Remember, this is about support! Be passionate, make some noise, but stay organized. Show them what it looks like when a fandom enters God Mode, but stick to the guidelines in this post. Let’s do this! agentgroves amenamyacker apatheticsmile broody-commander-firecracker bluearrow126 beautifulhammerlady bisexualshaws bansheefox chancellor-clarke compactpersiansociopath cyrusblye dovahshaw detective-terrible-detective desolatemoondust decimatesamaritan ernest-thornhill essagrom estrelladeplata fuckyeahrootandshaw fabrayrachels fuckyeahrootxshaw followthebuterflies grumpysameen grooving-groves grounderism grizzlyinthefandom halfabagoffritos hell-yeah-person-of-interest h0n0lulu1 hackersamanthagroves isagrimorie iminlovewithauselessgayvampire jordielithium karastantons kesdax lrbcn lorudesdomain ladiesofpoi mushroomvengeance mother-finch moosupbound playfullywitty-signoff perkypsycho peckftrobbins rootiscute ruhroohroot rootandshaw samsroot shawson thedorkone thecanaryandtheanaloginterface weytani woso-stolz yeah-thistle-do-nicely

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Jan Sterling
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Carol Wolveridge
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Michael Redgrave
Patrick Allen
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Watch Sink the Bismarck! 1960 On ZMovie Online

Releasing Date: 11 / February / 1960 [USA]

The Director is: Lewis Gilbert

Writer and Produced By: Edmund H. North

Movie Genres: History / Action / Drama

Acted By: Kenneth More / Dana Wynter / Carl Möhner / Michael Hordern / John Horsley / Geoffrey Keen / Ernest Clark

Runtime: 97 min

Releasing Country: UK

Movie Brief: Watch Sink the Bismarck! 1960 On ZMovie Online: Chronicles the jailbreak of the Bismarck throughout the first days of World conflict 2. glimpsed each from the difficulty of read of the many service vessels on each edges and from the central head workplace of British people wherever the seek for the super war vessel was controlled.

Imdb Rating: 7.0/10

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Alan Wheatley
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John Gregson
Betty McDowall
Robert Shaw
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Tomorrow at Ten (1965) - IMDb user reviews Tomorrow at Ten on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. He locks his victim in a room with a time bomb set to go off at 10… Tomorrow At Ten DVD from LOVEFiLM. Tomorrow-at-Ten - Cast, Crew, Director and Awards - Full cast, credit and awards information.. After imprisoning the child in a deserted house, Marlowe gives him a toy. He locks his victim in a room with a time bomb set to go off at 10 AM, then posts. Tomorrow At Ten - Movie Reviews, Photos & Videos, Layouts. Tomorrow at Ten - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tomorrow at Ten is a 1964 British thriller film directed by Lance Comfort and starring John Gregson, Robert Shaw, Kenneth Cope and William Hartnell in his final film. The Help Tomorrow At Ten DVD (1962) - LOVEFiLM - LOVEFiLM | Watch Movies. Tomorrow At Ten [DVD]: Robert Shaw, John Gregson. A ruthless kidnapper and blackmailer called Marlowe (Robert Shaw) has abducted a young boy. Tomorrow-at-Ten - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes - An overview of Tomorrow at Ten, including cast and credit details, a review summary, and more. Watch free trailers, read the latest news and plot synopsis, and see photos of the cast and crew of Tomorrow at Ten on 9 out of 10 people found the following review useful: the Golliwog Club, 26 March 2008 Tomorrow at Ten | Free Trailers, Plot Synopsis, Photos, Cast and. IMDb - Tomorrow at Ten (1965) It’s a race against time for the police when they have to find a kidnapped boy imprisoned with a time bomb, after his abductor dies without revealing the child’s. Tomorrow At Ten - Rotten Tomatoes Review: Tomorrow at Ten stars Robert Shaw as a desperate criminal who kidnaps a small boy. Rent Tomorrow At Ten (1962) for FREE as part of a LOVEFiLM trial.. TimesPulse The most popular movies among readers. Tomorrow at Ten stars Robert Shaw as a desperate criminal who kidnaps a small boy

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Billy Liar (1970)

Movie: Billy Liar

  • Director: John Schlesinger
  • Stars: Anna Wing, Bryan Mosley, David Scase, Elizabeth Murray, Ernest Clark, Ethel Griffies, Finlay Currie, George Ghent, George Innes, Godfrey Winn, Graham Rigby, Gwendolyn Watts, Harry Landis, Helen Fraser, Jack Cunningham, James Payne, Jessie Robins, John Schlesinger, John Tordoff, Julie Christie, Leonard Rossiter, Leslie Lawton, Leslie Randall,…

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