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Okay, here we go. I was too busy to do Design Challenge 2 at the time the challenge was made, but I had a moment to doodle something up now.

This is intended to be "Erma Ermine" from the Archie comics- a friend of mine was musing recently about how/in what ways Erma would be different in the case of her reappearing in Archie. Obviously (at least in my eyes) she’d need to be redesigned like the rest of the cast has to fit the ‘SEGASonic’ style, which fits your design prompt, I believe? Two birds, one stone?

I drew inspiration from official character designs in the following ways-

  • The majority of design direction is taken from Fang/Nack, due to him being weasel-y in heritage. I gave her a tail similar in shape to his- hers is slightly different, as the base is tapered in, giving a boomerang shape. The tail is also tipped in a dark accent colour as a nod to the real ermine (or rather, stoat)

  • Her ears also have the same wedge shape of Fang’s, however, they are much shorter, as I believe the length has more to do with the designer of Fang’s idea of ‘wolf’ rather than ‘weasel’. This also ties in with the much smaller ears of the stoat, which frankly are so small they really should be more of a an extension of the head design rather than a separate ear. But that’s partly why I did not give an ‘inner ear’ portions to her ears

  • The facial mask is from Ricky. I like this design element and honestly I’d like to see it more often in designs because it’s very appealing imho. It also moves to separate Erma from being ‘Sally with a longer nose and slightly different hair’. Facial mask is fully white rather than peach or lighter accent colour both to cut down on colour count and also because it gives a more ‘elegant’ look to her

  • I used a nontraditional nose colour, in the same way that Fang and Vanilla/Cream do. It adds a bit more visual interest and helps tie in to the pinks of the colour scheme, as black would break things up a lot. This is less ‘abrupt’

  • Obviously I got rid of the hair being a separate entity because honestly of the Archie elements this generally is the first thing to go. I could of ‘cheated’ it like Archie!Sally does now, but my inclination was ‘don’t be Sally with different hair’, so I went against it.

  • Body colour is now a coral colour, rather than orange with magenta hair. It’s a blend of pink with some orange-y tones. A bit like Shade’s colour, actually, but the point is more that I wanted to keep her removed from being Amy!Pink. It works overall with the pinks of her outfit, while not making it pink overload

  • The outfit is based on Amy’s winter Olympics outfit to a degree, though with elements of Erma’s original design and some new things to make it unique. I wanted to make her outfit look ‘warm’, as she lives in the tundra, but still stylish

  • Makeup is muted, because more vibrant colours conflict too much with the rest of the design and the pastels give a more ‘cool’ or ‘icy’ look.

  • I also put in a ‘winter’ colour scheme where the fur is lighter. Technically this is something I doubt SEGA would ever do in their own designs, but I thought the idea was fun to play with, as stoat’s transformation into ermine coat is one of the defining features of their species and why they’re not simply just weasels. I didn’t turn the coat entirely white like an ermine’s, as that would throw off the design entirely. Simply lighting up the coat considerably does the job, I think

  • Overall I tried to limit colours a bit, as I tend to worry about overuse of colours. This is a bit more than I feel comfortable with, but I think (think) this is less than Wave or Vanilla, though don’t quote me on that. I didn’t colour count

A very nice submission by Fini-mun! I overall agree with all the thoughts here- I’d maybe recycle the dark colour used as highlights for the nose and maybe a highlight on the hair- but it’s overall the kind of thinking behind designs we need the more of in the comic. Tenouttaten gg please send more :)

childish-ermine asked:

Even with my mediocre knowledge of the legal system in that time, wasn't the punishment for supposedly stealing something having your hand cut off? We consider that kind of punishment BARBARIC now. Yet here we are, people are acting like a kid dying for supposedly stealing something is a-ok. Y'know. 'Cause regression to being worse than the medieval ages is cool as long as whoever died wasn't white.

thank you thank you thank you for being right and on point. 

xoxo madi

The Wedding of Nicholas and Alexandra: November 26, 1894

"The wedding took place on november 26, one week after the funneral (of Tsar Alexander III). The day selected was the birthday of Empress Marie, now Dowager Empress, and for such an occasion protocol permited a brief relaxation of mourning. Dressed in white, Alexandra and Marie drove together down the Nevsky Prospect to the Winter Palace. Before a famous gold mirror used by every russian Grand Duchess on her wedding day, the bride was formally dressed by the ladies of the imperial family. She wore a heavy, old-fashioned Russian court dress of silver brocade and a robe and train of cloth of gold lined with ermine. From a red valvet cushion, Marie herself lifted the sparkling diamond nuptial crown and settled it carefully onto Alexandra’s head. Together the two women walked through the palace galleries to the chapel where Nicholas waited in the boots and uniform of a Hussar. Each holding a lighted candle, Nicholas and Alexandra faced the Metropolitan. A few  minutes before one in the afternoon, they became man and wife."

— Text from the book:Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie