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(starter for erin-and-dean oc) "You know if you wanted something kinky you didn't have to chain me to a chair in hell" the girl smirked at her capturer

"Who told you, this is Hell? Too much honour for you." The demon walked about the chair, "Someone poked her long nose into forbidden matters. What did you look for in my house, Pinocchio?"

punktuaction said:

(This is from erin-and-dean mun) A girl was skateboarding down to her job as a cleaner for a shady motel and saw a beautiful black chevy Impala out front. This was odd because the only time anyone ever came to the motel was either a bunch of college kids hooking up or druggies who never had cars this nice. As she was admiring it she didnt notice a man step out the door of the motel.

Dean was getting bored of research and job hunting. Stretching, he shuts the laptop and stands up. Grabbing the keys to the Impala, he heads out, planning on getting food. Quickly stopping in his tracks, eyebrow raised. “…like what you see?”

A tree was probably not the most inconspicuous place to sit while he stalked the man he’d marked but it worked and gave him a view of the area. This one would die slowly and the trickster would make sure to make him beg for his life first. Anybody who harmed children deserved no less.

The coast was clear, not a single soul in sight. This was going to be almost too easy.

He was just about to snap his fingers and unleash a literal title way when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye and he turned quickly to look. The fast motion caused him to lose his balance and he gracelessly fell from the tree.

[Lovelies, I’m real sorry for an absence, but I have an emergency situation in my apartment. There was an accident with hot water pipes in the apartment above mine and the hot water was streaming through the ceiling into my flat. I had a big pond in my kitchen, the ceiling in my kitchen, bedroom and toilet has yellow stains, the wallpapers on the wall between kitchen abd bedroom a wet, the carpet in my bedroom is soaking with water… Also I can’t turn on the lights because part of wiring and wall outlets are wet. I’m tired, I sat down to eat just now. Tomorrow my mom comes to me. I have to think about money, that I need to get from my neighbours for the damage, but I understand nothing in these matters.

There will be no replies tonight. Sweet Nonnies I saw your self descriptions, I will answer tomorrow!]

[I have 11 drafts here and 5 on my other blogs, but I can barely focus. Tomorrow I will be all day on my own and have nothing to to, but drafts. I will try to do them all.

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