Another Transcendence AU playlist.

Dipper’s not alone anymore. Songs for his relationships with Cassie and Malala from the Transcendence AU, following the timeline that he meets both of them after Mabel’s death.

Cover art by mareliini on Tumblr; original available here.

Amsterdam Imagine Dragons / Kids These Days KONGOS / Amber Waves Erin McCarley / Black Magic Magic Wands / Good Witch Cricket Blue / Dirty Paws Of Monsters and Men / Cedarwood Road U2 / From Finner Of Monsters and Men / Heartbeat JJAMZ / Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar) Disclosure / Home Again Michael Kiwanuka / Second Chance Shinedown / Somewhere Only We Know Keane



Someone Like You: Listen Here

We here at Tuneage haven’t forgotten our heartbroken listeners. For those who might hate Valentine’s Day because of some jerk, we’ve compiled a playlist. This soundtrack runs the gamut from sorrow and longing to revenge and rage, covering all the stages of heartbreak and resentment. Just open a bottle of wine, hit play, and “let that motherfucker burn.”


Logan + Veronica in Veronica Mars Movie (2014) - In My Veins (x)

nothing goes as planned, everything will break,

people say goodbye in their own special way..

all that you rely on and all that you can fake,

will leave you in the morning, but find you in the day..

oh, you’re in my veins and I cannot get you out,

oh, you’re all I taste at night inside of my mouth..

oh, you run away cause I am not what you found,

oh, you’re in my veins and I cannot get you out..  

Love, Save The Empty
  • Love, Save The Empty
  • Erin McCarley
  • Love, Save The Empty

"Sad boy, you stare up at the sky when no one’s looking back at you. You wear your every last disguise, you’re flying and then you fall through. Again the false attention, again you’re breaking inside.

Love, save the empty.”