Les héros de Gwendalavir… Issus des trilogies de Pierre Bottero “La Quête d’Ewilan” et “Les Mondes d’Ewilan”.

De gauche à droite, de haut en bas :

Ewilan, Salim, Chiam Vite, Erilys

Artis, Matthieu, Siam, Ellana, Edwin

Duom, Maniel, Bjorn

Faits avec un crayon noir, de l’encre de chine et de l’aquarelle.

This changes tense halfway through but I'm to lazy to go back and fix it

sometimes, it was the smaller things in life that made it all seem worth ir. all the stress and all the unknowns just seemed to pale in comparison to the beautiful sight I was witnessing. the mist hung in the air erilie making it difficult to see more than 10 feet infront of you. the grass was frosted white and sparkled in the moonlighht that was peaking through the pale veil that coated the park; almost mimicking the way which the stars sparkled above. my breath hangs heavy in the air infront of me as i glance at the time.
“2AM, what the fuck am i doing” I mutter in disbelief at myself, I should be in bed, sleeping and warm, but no im not, im at this damn park stargazing trying to rationalize these thoughts. I pull the collar of my coat tighter around my neck and huddle tuck my hands into my pockets as the icy breeze runs its fimgers along my cheeks