Slipping, fading, no one around.
My life is extinguishing, with out a sound.
Your silence bites at me like a ravenous hound.
In the dirt, is where I am now bound.

Spiteful glares is all I see.
It’s not a secret, you all hate me.
It’s ok, I’ll just have to let it be.
I feel like I’m in a lock, as a half broken key.

I am selfish, in every way.
I use you, to get myself threw the day.
Dead, cold and alone, this place I lay.
Darkness comes, I have nothing left to say.

Your happiness is all I need.
With out me, you’d finally be freed.
I wish I could have your words, it is my greed.
I wonder, if a plant will ever grow from our seed.

If I wasn’t wanted around I wish I could know.
Because if not, I’ll always be there, like winter and snow.

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Rompiendo la Libertad, por Ruby Rose.

Standing Up Lean
  • Standing Up Lean
  • whoever
  • freezebum@hotmail.com

So this song was hosted as a realaudio file at http://www.reocities.com/SouthBeach/Breakers/6998/

The associated text was:

I cracked. I’m blaming the world for an obvious conspiracy against me.

I wrote a song, lyrics and all. Download it and do me a favour, it’s in RealAudio format. It’s called Standing Up Lean, an acoustic pop thingy. It was recorded at Ant’s house, he did the vocals, the guitars and everything else, I played the drums (I suck, I’m a drummer, I pick up scraps, give me rotten fish and a break, please), he also came up with the brilliant idea of violins. Please email him and tell him it’s a bad idea. You can email me too. I promise that I read all my mails. Just like the President, Santa Claus and Jesus Christ, whose postal addresses I have misplaced. And I assure you that I’m better than all 3 of them at responding.

Thank you.

I’ve no idea if those email links even work but I’ve converted this dude’s song to MP3 to upload to tumblr and maybe he’ll see it? Album art is the only image that was on the page, track title and artist were what were in the RealAudio file, and the album title is the artist’s purported email address.