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anonimo ha chiesto:

I have a long-time silly question: What color is Michael's eye? I know a lot of fanfic describe Erik's eye as green, and in some Michael's photos they really look like green, but sometimes they appear gray, silver, light blue depends on light. So is there a fixed answer for that?

this is seriously one of my favorite fandom dilemmas! how do we describe his eye color?! apparently, he is “officially” listed as blue, but we all know that’s not quite true and that his eyes look different in different lights and with different outfits, though I lean more toward green (i like green eyes more than blue ones, i dunno, though in one of my fics, he has grey eyes, so no consistency from me either lol). in fic i have seen everything from “blue” to “blue-green-grey” to “gunmetal” and there’s really no right answer here. 

i believe the best answer i have ever seen for this question comes from pangeasplits, so i’ll share that here:

“erik has grey green gunmetal steel morning meadow covered in dew stormy sea knife blade-colored eyes”



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