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Do you think Jiaying might be the Magneto of the Inhumans, or could that be someone else? Could Skye ever become Magneto?

the thing about being ‘magneto’ is that you really, really need something that completely shakes your faith in anyone that isn’t an inhuman/mutant. jiaying has been around long enough to see WWII, in which the Chinese faced all sorts of horrible atrocities at the hands of the enemy.  She may even be older than that.  She may have been there for the Opium Wars.  We don’t know.  Couple that with the fact that she literally got dissected and you get a reason for her to have a complete distrust of non-Inhumans. 

 this post explains a lot about Mageneto’s world view.  to quote it, “The evil he’s suffered is institutionalized. It’s not something done by individuals, it’s done on large scale by society as a whole, fostered by indifference, and orchestrated by the use of excessive control.” SHIELD may have a nice face on it, but to someone like jiaying or erik, it’s just another institution.  there’s no reason for them to trust it.

so no, i don’t think skye could ever turn on SHIELD like that. i don’t think she’s had the suffering that jiaying and magneto have had.  that’s not a bad thing! no one should have to suffer like that. but the fact that they did can’t be ignored. and the fact that people will suffer or continue to suffer also can’t be ignored. and for all it’s pretenses, i don’t think SHIELD can be trusted.

Nearly two weeks of Work but this is the final product good as it’s gonna get.

A House of M Family portrait as I see it.

A re-work of this panel from House of M

Frankly the only person in the orginal picture that doesn’t look totally off is Lorna so yeah I redid it more to my liking. Most all are based on their Earth-616 selves.

Left to Right

Crown Prince Pietro, Prince Thomas, King ErikPrince Consort Charles, Prince William, Princess Lorna, Crown Princess Wanda

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