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Bad friends

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Fandom: X-men: Days of Future Past

Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x reader x [slight] Charles Xavier

Notes: Angry Charles, bad prank, more angry Charles, fluff

Request: Anonymous - can I please have an Erik x reader where the two think it’s time for charles to get a haircut, but he doesn’t want to. So they somehow trick him into getting one and charles gets upset. In revenge, charles tells reader that erik likes her (which he does) and they kiss. Lots of fluff and feels!!! I hope this is better and more descriptive. Thanks again, Elvi! ~HK

Word count: 1212 



"You speak to the best in humanity. I have endured the worst. You imagine the reality of the Holocaust, of the Nazi death camps. I grew up in one. Perhaps, as you say, I am tainted by blood and rage - and death. But perhaps as well, that blood and rage and death will sustain me and those who stand by me through the ordeal to come."

You know, I’m so baffled by fans of the X-Men movies. Not by the comic book fans, but the movies fans. I love both the comics and the movies for different reasons. But coming from the movie point of view, I don’t understand how so many people ship Cherik (Magneto and Professor X) yet no one ships John and Bobby (Pyro and Iceman). Like it’s literally the exact same thing as Cherik. Best friends who let their powers get in the way. Erik leaves Charles because he believes he deserves better. John leaves Bobby because he believes he deserves better. It’s literally the same fucking thing but the “ship” of John and Bobby is unheard of.

From Magneto Rex #2 Erik says it’s not blood shared that makes a son, but loyalty. Pietro can still be his son in Erik’s eyes, if they, you know, still care about each other. *sob* I’m hoping that, no matter that Remender and Brevoort do to the twins, the idea that “Blood of the coven is thicker than the water of the womb” will hold true and Erik will still embrace them as tho they are his children, and the twins, despite how much they have hated living in his shadow, have an undeniable caring for him. And they will still be a family.

Title: Taking One for the Team
Characters: Erik x Reader x Charles, mentions of Hank McCoy, Raven Darkholme, and Agent Moira.
Word Count: 4K
Age Suggestion/Rating: T (violence, character death, and one curse word)
Summary: Contrary to popular belief, your whole life doesn’t play against your eyelids when your dying. Just the important moments.

Request: Can you please write where the fem!reader takes the bullet for Charles (in the stomach) from Erik (predicting his move by emotions) on Cuba (her powers: empathy + telepathy + power negation) and both Charles and Erik love her, but she passes away. {Anon}

Universe: X-Men: First Class (Movieverse)

Notes: With the whole ‘mind-reading’ thing, I gave the reader inherent language understanding. Also, you’re a biologist.



X-Men Meme: [1/8 quotes]

Never again was a slogan used by Jewish activists in the 1960s and 1970s, stating that they would never again allow the indiscriminate slaughter of Jewish people which occurred during the Holocaust. It condemns both the historical occurrences of genocide and the intolerant ideology which gave rise to them. It pledges that Jewish people would never again be killed merely for being Jewish.