Homestuck Cosplayers Needed!

Hey Everyone! We here at kids-trolls-n-cherubs are looking for more cosplayers to add to our group! We are a hybrid Voice Acting and Cosplay blog, but we have a lot more Voice Actors (Though we do have a couple of those open too), than we do cosplayers, and we want to try and balance it out a bit more!

No Experience is required, and we love meeting new people! With the Gigapause ending soon we hope to start speeding up production again!

We have tons of Cosplay roles open. Even if you don’t plan on auditioning, It would mean a lot if you help us spread the word a bit!

Roles Open :

Beta And Alpha Kids

Rose Lalonde

Jake English

Beta Trolls

Sollux Captor

Equius Zahhak

Gamzee Makara

Eridan Ampora

Alpha Trolls

Damara Megido

Rufioh Nitram

Mituna Captor

Muelin Leijon

Porrim Maryam

Horrus Zahhak

Kurloz Makara

Cronus Ampora

Every Single Ancestor




And Lord English

We look forward to seeing lots of cool cosplays soon! And Be Sure to read the “FAQ" and "How to Audition" pages if you have any questions. If it’s not answered there, Feel free to shoot us an ask!