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My sister's reaction to Homestuck characters

Vriska - she is cool, but looks weird, looks like a normal schoolgirl
Nepeta - she is really cute, with a blue cat hat, cat ear-horns, and she is definately a cat
Aradia - she is just a weird ram, with her weird curved horns
Feferi - she looks funny, and looks like she could be really fun to hang out with, really pretty, my favourite
Terezi - she is really really cool, like really cool, doesn’t look like a girl
Kanaya - she actually looks like a girl, awesome, like the person I liked before[feferi]
Karkat - he looks like a boy, must be really tired
Sollux - he is just a little weird, he is not symmetrical, with ugly teeth, like the previous one
Gamzee - he is really funny and weird, I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in the dark, really strange
Tavros - he shouldn’t be in a wheelchair[she feels bad for him], his horns are a bit too big, looks like a cool guy
Eridan - he has those weird things on his cheeks, looks tired again, looks like a vampire, because of the cape, but looks like a fish otherwise
Equius - he would look cool if he didn’t have broken horns, teeth and glasses, I don’t like that everyone has glasses
Dave - he is so white everywhere, looks cool, but should be more colourful
John - he is really weird, if he didn’t have that creature on his shirt, those teeth, those glasses, his haircut would look cool (they are all so white)
Jake - he looks really cool, but looks like the last guy, I like that hair again, his trousers look weird, because of the guns
Dirk - he looks really really really cool, but if he didn’t have the hat on his shirt he would be my favourite, and he should have black hair
Rose - she looks smaller than the others, she looks really fun, my favourite of the girls, should have the cool thing on her shirt like the ones in the beginning [trolls]
Jade - she should not have teeth sticking out, I like that her shirt changes, looks cool, and would look without glasses, and had a shorter skirt would look cool
Roxy - she is a really pretty girl, looks neat, I like her
Jane - she is not that cool, again with those teeth, why does everyone look similar[like john] she shouldn’t have those weird teeth, glasses and that creature on her skirt, then she would look cool
Calliope - she is definately not a human, she should have hair, and her cheeks should not look like that, and why does she have that weird thing on her foot
Caliborn - he looks even stranger, I like him even less, his both legs should look the same, and if he didn’t have those cheeks, and his teeth wouldn’t be broken he would look cool
Jack (with the ring) - ew, ew, ew he looks gross, I don’t like him at all, ew
Lord english - really funny guy, looks like their father, he is their father

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I really don't wanna be a dick about this, but your eridan is very out of character. uwu"

[ person to mention this 1804848483969588 : O

hes an AU eridan!!! dont worry im not dumb enough to take a genocidal hemophobic pirate and interpret his canon self as my fluffy pastel goth eridan. hes literally my pastel AU eridan, not canon eridan ]


Solidifying body and facial headcanons using the bloodswap trolls now. Took a little longer than I meant for it to. Headcanon that all trolls, regardless of what gender they go by, has the potential for breasts/spheres/whatever. Some trolls will have them; some won’t. I gave them all tops regardless.

Typical grub scar headcanon and nook/bulge headcanon, which is not visible or relevant to this blog I guess, but meh. Terezi shown without her sash and Vriska without her arm or the patch on her glasses. Tavros shown without wings, cause this is probably pre-game and he hasn’t gotten them yet.

Yep, that’s it. Dancestors should be next for solidifying body headcanons. Then maybe we can figure out more introductions (yes, finally) and stuff like that. Whooo bedtime for me…

So I was doing my project on WWII and I came across this symbol, the Schutzstaffel, the symbol of Hitler’s SS Stormtroopers. I looked it up and found out that it’s two Sig (or Sigel) runes, a letter in the Anglo-Saxon Runic Alphabet.

I thought it looked familiar so I looked at it for a bit longer

and then it hit me

who do we know, along with Hitler, who was ALSO
1. A genocidal maniac
2. Had huge ego problems and saw himself above everyone else due to a “hierarchy” of genetics
3. Horns look identical to this symbol, and star sign looks almost identical

cape douche is literally Hitler