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Sometimes I feel like if someone took the time to try and stick with and love Eridan he would not only be happier, but would probably also be a pretty nice guy. I mean, he already gets along okay with the others (fan interpretation forgets that), sooo maybe if he had someone who was patient and really cared for him he would be cool


i did a gemstuck thing! most of this shit is p basic but i like designing stuff like this. all of it is based off of certain zodiac elements rather than their significance as gems. Feferis is spinel and its on their foot. they are also goddess sized and i love them
sollux is two tiny gems (undecided) made into a medium sized gem, pietersite. they sinc really REALLY well, which is why they have no abnormalities. solluxes gems are on their arms
eridan is based off of a blue and purple striped agate gem. another ironic thing, their gem is basically an achillies heel. pulling their gun out would look a lot like trying to take heels off too ;0
nepeta has vesuvianite bc its olive and i thought the spots would look cute tbh. her gem is on her left boob, right over her heart.