Our database has been hacked into and hundreds of agents names have been released. Including both of yours. Agents, whose names were found out, are being killed. Your mission is to find the hacker and stop the names from being distributed. If this isn’t done soon, it could be one of your lives lost next.

Pairing: Allison x Erica

Allison and Erica had been given dozens of missions, but none where they were meant to work together. Usually, it was the opposite. Neither could stand the other, could barely breathe the same air. It was work together, though, or be put on desk duty indefinitely. They grit their teeth and worked together, better, than anyone, especially themselves, expected they would. They were told to put their feelings for each other aside, but it became harder to, as the hatred eroded away. The feelings Allison and Erica had for each other now were caring too deeply for their partner. Instead of being the ones putting each other in danger, they were protecting them from it. Their greatest fear was no longer losing to one another; it was losing each other.

for theeggcamefirst / from maliatae

Made for round two of the twrarepairexchange