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Wahhhhhahahahahah. Dead.

anonymous asked:

Cristian ed Erica

Non mi aveva mai visto nessuno, notata nessuno, baciata nessuno, prima di te. Hai stravolto tutto. Ma non con la forza di un uragano. Piano. Lo hai fatto piano. Ti sei insinuato nella mia vita, e hai fatto si che la tua presenza diventasse per me un'abitudine, che mi dimenticassi come si stava senza di te. E dopo che lo hai fatto, dopo che mi hai cambiata, allo stesso modo, piano, sei andato via.
E neanche in quel momento riuscivo a ricordare come e cosa facevo prima di te. Ti cercavo tra la gente, provavo ad immaginare i tuoi occhi o le tue labbra. Ma non succedeva nulla. Ero diventata il nulla. Non provavo più nulla. Se non un gran vuoto che avevi lasciato e che eri l'unico a poter colmare.

Name: Erica
Nickname: Erica
Birthday: may 3
Star Sign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Height: About 5′
Sexual orientation: Asexual.
Romantic orientation: I guess panromantic? I don’t understand half of the labels anymore. Lol
Favorite color: Black and purple
Time and Date: 12:42 PM, May 14th, 2015.
Average hours of sleep: 8-10, 12 if I get lucky
Last thing I googled: Animenext tickets
First word that comes to my mind: buh
One place that makes me happy: My bed
How many blanket: At least 4
Favorite fictional character: ever? Oh jeeze. I guess maybe Lucy from Dracula. 
Favorite famous person: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan and their incredible friendship
Favourite Books: Dracula, Dorian Gray
Favourite Animes: snk, free, host club, sailor moon, rose of Versailles
Favorite TV shows: GoT, Hannibal
Favorite musicians: I really love the Shins
Favorite games: Bioware <3, tlou, creed, the order duh
Last movie watched: uhhhh ultron?
Dream Holiday: Tokyo and Kyoto or Rome and Florence
Dream Job: Lead teacher in an early learning center (I’m one promotion away!)
Tagging… anyone who wants to do this. XD

possiblycruel asked:

erica x tris for the ship thing // smooches /

&&Send me a Ship and I’ll tell you… Status: Accepting.

Erica ( mxliciousisms ) & Tris ( possiblycruel )

who’s the cuddler: Tris. 

who makes the bed: Tris.

who wakes up first: Erica.

who has the weird taste in music: Erica. Naturally.

who is more protective: Both. I mean, they’re both hella ferocious ladies. They can’t be tamed. <3

who sings in the shower: Neither? Although Erica may hum.

who cries during movies: Tris. Erica tears up, but denies it.

who spends the most while out shopping: Tris, if they had to choose. Erica is content with having clothes.

who kisses more roughly: Erica. She nips and bits.

who is more dominate: Naturally, Erica is. It’s her personality.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10(00)

Hahahaha naalala ko dati bumibili kaming street foods ng mga kaibigan ko tas edi katabi ko nun si finn hahahaha actually intensyon ko talagang yayain sila don para makatabi ko sya hihi jk tas edi yon sinaniban nanaman ng pagka gago si erica tinutulak tulak ako kay finn buti nababalance ko pa sarili ko kasi tangna ayoko mapahiya sakanya no hahaha edi kunwari galit galitan ako kay erica may nalalaman pa kong “ano ba yan wag kang maharot” para di ganong halata na kinikilig na pala ang lola mo kaso nakakatakot kase naman yung kaibigan ni finn si aj nakatayo sa gilid ko tas pinapanood kami nakakatakot pa naman titig non hahahaha wow lang lizel ah natatakot ka sa 7th grader hahahaha charot sige wala miss ko lang kase si finn hahaha