Eric and Dylan as their peers and acquaintances described them

Jo-Lee Gallegos(5424)
H&K were “nice guys”

Jennifer Harmon(6536)
"I really didn’t see who they didn’t get along with. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone pick on them… Can’t think of anyone picking on ‘em at all."

Jeni LaPlante (Westword)
"I never saw them being hostile or dissing on other people."

FNU Kirchoff(LAT 4-27-99)
The youths had been paced in a junvile diversion program after being arrested for burglarizing a car. Their main job was cleaning up facilities for local athletes, and Kirchhoff said that Harris and Klebold never seemed unhappy about that. ….Harris in particular, he added, was a ‘great worKer.’

Nathan Dykeman(YB232)
"High School has the best of times and the worst of time, but though it all two guys have been with me. Thank you Dylan and Eric.

Geaorge Sneddon(5206)
Teacher, he indicated he knew H&K very well and considered them two of his best friends. “Dylan had at one time told him that he was one of the few people that actually ever talked to him.”

Michael Paavilainen(16418 )
"I ask him about Eric and Dylan being teased. He told me this year was lot less than last year. The group of jocks that graduated last year teased Eric and Dylan a lot."

"Until two years ago, according to students who knew them, they blended into the school. But in their junior year, something went badly wrong. ‘They totally changed,’ recalled Mike…."They started wearing all black and keeping to themselves. It was kind of weird.’ "

"The jocks put them down, says Nick. They got away with everything and people like me got away with nothing. Dylan and Eric really hated that."

Tiffany Typher(USATodayOnline, 5-3-99)
"Everywhere they went, they were teased about how they dressed."

Cory Friesen(10726)
Associate, thought H&K were being picked-on.

Charles Phillips(10867)
Associate, said H&K got picked-on a lot.

Nicole Shrieve,Jr
Watched as H&K, and ohers in the group, kept being picked on during school.

Mollie Wechsler(7356)
Says H&K were picked on by the teachers and the female employee of the tech lab. H&K would glare at her.

Josh Lapp(489)
Says H&K were anti-social. “Students did not dare talk to Harris and Klebold, or even get near them. Students would say ‘hi’ to them and they would jump back into their faces.”

Steve Vaughn(5125)
"After freshman year H&K seemed to mostly hang together and disassociate themselves from the rest of the student body."

Zach Heckler(10754)
Two years before 4-20, he accompanied H&K on a drive where they threw firecrackers in front of the homes of people Harris did not like. Says H&K were racists.

Nick Foss(EP23-8 )
H&K into anti-government activities

Lydia Shofner(LAT 4-23-99)
"They were both kind of anti-everything"(she know them both well)

Yoshi Carrol(5417)
Says H&K often wrote about death, dark in nature.

Jordana Spaven(13545)
Eric and Dylan played in ther LARP game “Vampire-the Masuqerade” up in the mountains using toy weapons and acting out scripts that usually involved warfare with other clans.

Rebecca Mandel(13334)
"Rebecca said Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were ‘totally into video production.’ "

"Rebecca said she did not witness the ‘jocks’ or any other students pick on Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold….. She sayed they stayed to themselves."

Erik Veik(DRMN 10-21-99)
On H&K’s videos: “They always were the same kind of videos: the boy said April 21, “They always wore trench coats. They always wanted to be the intimidators—the good guys out to get the bad guys.”

Dep Gardner(JCSO)(LAT 5-2-99)
"Garder said he kept an eye on both Harris and Klebold, engaging them in conversation, and reported only that they were respectful and seemingly benign."

Peter Horvath(5706)
School disciplinarian, he saw potential for evil in H&K.

Lately I can’t stop thinking about Eric. A lot of people say they identify more with Dylan, but I honestly see myself in a lot of Eric’s actions and thoughts. I carry this existential rage around — I get mad at trivial things, like people walking slowly in front of me and people leaving doors open and things not being the way I want them to be. I get so angry sometimes that I hit walls and just lash out. I hate the way society shapes people, makes them homogenised and boring and stupid. I hate the way school forces you to think a certain way.

I’ve always thought that people who sympathise with Eric are “outliers”.  If you feel closer to Eric more than you feel closer to Dylan, you’re considered “weird” even among Columbiners. I wondered if anyone else found that? Who do you guys feel closer to?

On Eric Harris:

"One girl who knew Eric Harris said that he was the sweetest guy she had ever met and that he solicitously attempted to cheer her up when she was depressed." (May have been Melissa Snowdon)

Mother of Nicole Markham(8794)
"She did relate that Eric Harris was really funny."

Jason Romanus(9833)
"Spoke briefly about Harris being funny."

Melissa Walker(5993)
She did not think Harris was ridiculed because Harris had a lot of friends.

Dan Fleener(5558 )
Teacher, said Harris was “nice, respectful, compliant, good student, bright.”

"Kulesza said he never saw any hints that Harris might someday turn violent. ‘I saw ….him getting hit on the soccer field. He wouldn’t get angry, try to do anything, he’d just get up, shrug it off, not even given any nasty looks.’ Kulesza said. ‘That’s why I’m shocked becasue I knew him as a nice guy. Harris was sociable wtih other team members. … He wasn’t aggressive or overbearing… My impression was that anybody could have gotten along with him."

Jesse Boyer(SDUT 4-2-99)
"He was a jock for so long." Boyer said. "Now he was into Nazi stuff."

Lydia Shofner(LAT, 4-22-99)
"Eric was a real nice guy. I know it sounds strange to say it, …. but to portray him as this maniac isn’t right."

Alisa Owen(3982)
Klebold was a nice guy, Harris(who always wore a beret(?)) had a very dark side.

Alicia Oeetniczak(5067)
Harris was nice, but everything he wrote was really dark.

Kelli Brown(10675)
Harris was prejudiced and “also very hateful”

Sarah Jacob(17411)
Dated Harris, said he “hated life and people”

Dominic Duran(6023)
Harris’ creative writings were always about war or killings.

In summer of ‘98, Harris changed his manner of dress and the music he listened to.

Michael Bierman(6134)
In one of his essays Harris wrote about being a shotgun pellet entering a body. He started wearing a trenchcoat in January of ‘99.

Christin Mikesell(5784)
She suspended Harris over the hacking incident. She said he took it well as he continued to talk to her.

Adam Thomas(1211)
Says Harris had been given the nickname of “Du hast” (German for ‘you hate’).

Jennifer Hazens(4964)
Harris went to halloween party as the Unabomber.

Christine Epling(10717)
Says Harris was punched in the face by Dan Lab(aka ‘pretty boy’) back in ‘98 

Evan Vitale(1246)
Says Harris fought with Cale Kennedy.

Kevin Larson(5024)
Says Harris shot out garage window with a BBgun at Brook Brown’s house.

Caleb Newberry(1593)
"stated that Harris appeared to always be angry"

Monica Schuster(1139)
Says Harris “much more angry”.

Megan Morrison(5050)
Says Harris always looked angry and in a hurry.

Sara Martin(5034)
Said Harris was quiet, closed-up, and bitter.

Kyle Morton(3786)
Harris very withdrawn in the class they shared.

Jeremy Smith(4463)
Harris was very quiet in their class and not very friendly.

Aaron Smith(24424)
"Knew Harris from French class but Harris segregated himself, only associating with the trench coat mafia."

Scott Rathbun(5058 )
In the middle of Harris’ junior year he became introverted and got to the point that he did not talk to people. “Eric was an outcast because he chose to be….he became very introverted and anti-social with just about everyone except Klebold.”

Crystal Bragazzi(5225)
"This year, Harris has acted like he did not even know Bragazzi and would not respond if she said hello."

Megan Minger(5526)
Harris gave her an evil stare for 5-10 minutes at the after-prom party.

Michael Biggs(6139)
He felt intimidated by Harris, who stared at him, which he said was a common tactic of the TCM.

Nathan Wittkorp(aka Red)(13633)
Associate, says Eric Harris ‘really got weird’ in last six months.

Chris Meier(5327)
"This year Harris turned ‘weird’."

Stephen Partridge(5945)
Harris seemed ‘unstable’

Michelle Hartsough(10150)
BJ co-worker Harris “often seemed paranoid”

Greg Hofer(6623)
Harris bought his GI Joe dolls so he could destroy them by shooting them with a BB gun, impale them, wrap fishing line around their necks.

Melissa Chavez(9023)
Says Harris talked of suicide because he was picked on.

Redacted person on hit list(10264)
Harris relentlessly teased by kids in gym class.

Nathan Lopatin(2016)
"when Harris backed into his car Harris had become angry and started to shake and pound on his steering wheel"

Jennifer Paavilainen(6977)
Says Harris got angry after minor car accident in Jan ‘99 

Evans McClaugherty(2038 )
Bumped into Harris who became angry and pushing ensued. Evans told that he should “watch his back.”

Keith Parkison(1069)
Said Harris and the TCM began picking on people in Jan’ of ‘99-

-Craig Place(1090)
Says Harris picked on freshmen.

—Jason Kirk(5014)
Says Harris waved a shotgun at him back in July 4 of ‘98 

—Dustin Thurman(7260)
A wrestler, says he had problems with Harris and Klebold in the past; says Harris wanted to fight him in the parking lot of the school back in ‘98. (Then, in another interview the next day, says he never had an argument with H or K(??))

Megan Minger(5526)
Saw Haris on 4-20 at the top of the outside stairs. “Eric was scary, looked really pissed off.”

List of songs about killers

Ted Bundy

  • "Bundy" – Animal Alpha
  • "Murder Dividead" - Edge Of Sanity
  • "The Ted Bundy Song" – Macabre
  • "Ted, Just Admit It" – Jane’s Addiction
  • "Stay Wide Awake" – Eminem
  • "Anne" – Bloodbath
  • "Ted Bundy" - Mr. Morbid & Melph
  • "Bundy Beach"-The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers

Richard Ramirez

  • "Going Going Gone" – Exodus
  • "Killer" – King Diamond
  • "Night Stalker" – Macabre
  • "Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes" - Sun Kil Moon
  • "Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)" – Church of Misery
  • "Rock Around The Clock, Richard Ramirez" - Adolf Sasquatch
  • "See You In Disneyland" - Adolf Sasquatch
  • "Jack the Knife" - The Electric Hellfire Club

Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold 

  • “Hero” – Superchick
  • "Columind" – Filter
  • "Who shot the jock?" - GrimDaze Stoners (band)
  • "Disposable Teens" – Marilyn Manson
  • "Friend Of Mine" – Jonathan and Stephen Cohen
  • "One by One" – The Calling
  • ”The Anatomy of a School Shooting” – Ill Bill
  • "The Nobodies" – Marilyn Manson

Jeffrey Dahmer

  • "Apartment 213" – Macabre
  • "Choklit Factory" - Marilyn Manson
  • "Dahmer is Dead" – Violent Femmes
  • "Freeze Dried Man" – Macabre
  • "Jeffrey Dahmer" – Soulfly
  • "Jeffrey Dahmer’s Cookbook" - Fuck, I’m Dead
  • "Lord Dahmer" - Final Solution
  • "The Milwaukee Cannibal" – Evil Anger

Albert Fish

  • "27 Needles" – John 5
  • "Albert ‘Cannibal’ Fish" – Postmortem
  • "Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea" – Macabre
  • "Document: Grace Budd" – The Number Twelve Looks Like You
  • "Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favourite Dish?)" – Macabre
  • "Smell the Children" – Evil Anger
  • "Mr Fish" - Sparzanza
  • "Letter to Mother" - Divine Heresy

John Wayne Gacy

  • "Clownin’ Around" - Deer Tick
  • "Gacy’s Lot" – Macabre
  • "Master of Brutality (John Wayne Gacy)" – Church of Misery
  • "Pogo The Clown" – Hubert Kah
  • "Johnny’s in love with you" - The Bang
  • "Finger Paintings of The Insane" - Acid Bath
  • "Gacy’s Place" - The Mentally Ill
  • "John Wayne Gacy"-The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers

Edmund Kemper

  • "Edmund Kemper Had a Horrible Temper" – Macabre
  • "Fortress/Outer Space/Forever" – System of a Down
  • "Killifornia (Edmund Kemper III)" – Church of Misery
  • "Urge to Kill" – Throbbing Gristle
  • "Forever" – The Berzerker
  • "Severed Head" – Suicide Commando
  • "Temper Temper Mr. Kemper" - The Celibate Rifles

Ed Gein

  • "Ballad of Ed Gein" – Swamp Zombies
  • "Deadache" – Lordi
  • "Dead Skin Mask" – Slayer
  • "Dead Art in Plainfield" – John 5
  • "In Gein We Trust" - Manilla Road
  • "Nipple Belt" – Tad
  • "Nothing to Gein" – Mudvayne
  • "Old Mean Ed Gein" – Fibonaccis

Jack the Ripper

  • "Unsolved Mysteries" – Animal Collective
  • "Blood Red Sandman" – Lordi
  • "The Death of Jack the Ripper" – The Legendary Pink Dots
  • "Down on Whores" – Benediction
  • "Maxwell Murder" – Rancid
  • "The Ripper" – Judas Priest
  • "Jack The Ripper" – Macabre
  • "Saucy Jack" – Spinal Tap

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley 

  • "Mother Earth" – Crass
  • "No One Is Innocent" – The Sex Pistols
  • "Love in a Faithless Country" – Richard Thompson
  • "Suffer Little Children" – The Smiths
  • "Very Friendly" – Throbbing Gristle
  • "Lambs to the Slaughter" - Church of Misery

Dennis Rader 

  • "Bind Torture Kill" – Suffocation
  • "Bind, Torture and Kill" – Suicide Commando
  • "Raider II" - Steven Wilson
  • "B.T.K." - Church of Misery
  • "BTK" - Exodus

Dennis Nilson

  • "Cranley Gardens" (Denis Nilsen) – Church of Misery
  • "Killing for Company" – Swans[5]
  • "You’re Dying To Be With Me" – Macabre
  • "Turnabout" — Moth Wranglers

Charles Manson & the Family

  • "A Poem About An Old Prison Man" – Decapitated
  • "California Hippy Murders" Red River Dave McEnery
  • "Charlie Manson Blues" – The Flaming Lips
  • "Charlie Manson’s eyes" – People Haters
  • "Do The Charles Manson" – Necro
  • "Work of God" – Evil Anger
  • "Lunatic of God’s Creation" – Deicide
  • "Mister Manson" – Klaatu

Richard Chase

  • "Blood Sucking Freaks (Richard Chase)" – Church of Misery
  • "House Sparrow" – Xiu Xiu
Serial Killers the signs would have killed with
  • Aries:Dennis Rader
  • Taurus:John Wayne Gacy
  • Gemini:Jack The Ripper
  • Cancer:Ed Gein
  • Leo:Ted Bundy
  • Virgo:The Zodiac Killer
  • Libra:Richard Ramirez
  • Scorpio:Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
  • Sagittarius:Jeffery Dahmer
  • Capricorn:Charles Manson
  • Aquarius:Edmund Kemper
  • Pisces:Gary Ridgway

If you want to like serial killers and school shooters, do it. It’s not wrong to be fascinated by true crime. You’re not crazy. You just have normal interests like everyone else. It’s far from wrong.

You are allowed to like what you want to, don’t let any assholes tell you you’re crazy.