Kelso’s Diary Entry: #4

Kelso roams free.

I’m working as an office page at school this year instead of having a study hall. I get to roam around the halls all period delivering passes. Why sit and study when you can roam? And it’s easy. See, if a kid is getting out early to go to a doctor’s appointment, the office sends him down a pass telling him it’s okay to leave. Well, I’m the guy who delivers the pass, which means I get to be out in the halls with no supervision! I can go to the bathroom and the vending machines as much as I want, and I never have to ask. I can’t even do that at home!

Then things got totally cool when I got a hold of an empty pass book. Empty! So I wrote passes for Eric, Hyde, and Fez so we could skip out and go to The Hub all day and play Pac-Man. (Are we wild or what?) When I went to deliver theirs and one to this girl Misty Phillips (who I call C-3PO since she totally looks like him with her head-gear), I guess I got the passes mixed up and gave her the one I had written for Eric, which said, “Reason for absence: appointment with Dr. Get Bent Dillhole.” I thought it was hilarious. But I guess C-3PO didn’t get the joke ’cause she totally ratted me out to the school secretary, who stopped smoking just long enough to send me back to Study Hall. Just goes to show you, robots have no sense of humor.


Shinhwa - Young Gunz [2003]


Shinhwa - Wild Eyes [2001]