The MCs turned to Shinhwa, asking, “Don′t the Shinhwa members all fart in front of each other?”

Gathering laughter, Kim Dong Wan answered, “When a member farts inside a room, Jun Jin comes in and goes, ′Hyung, what? You called me?”

Jun Jin continued, “Shin Hye Sung doesn′t really fart when he′s around us.”
MC Jung Chan Woo then said, “He must fart shyly,” adding an imitation of a shy farT and making everyone laugh.

Jun Jin continued the laughter, saying, “Because we′re rappers, we just comfortably let them rip. I think Shin Hye Sung doesn′t fart because he′s an emotional ballad singer.”


Regarding jokes and pranks, Kim Dong Wan shared, “Eric usually plays a lot of jokes. He once sprayed hairspray on a lighter and made the fire shoot out towards the members. Once, Jun Jin was drying his hair after coming out from the shower, and Eric dumped an entire bottle of ketchup on him.”

When the MCs asked why he dumped ketchup, Eric replied, “When Jun Jin came out, I just saw a bottle of ketchup.”

Jun Jin then added, “So I put ketchup all over my body on purpose.”


What’s new really haha love you alien <3


Shinhwa Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 광고
오빠들은 양주도 존잘이쟈나여 고급스러움의 대명사



150228 Shinhwa Sniper Comeback Stage @ Music Core

ahhh i like this outfit the most so far for their Sniper performance ^^ 



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Shinhwa - Sniper MCountDown Comback Stage

No por nada son las leyendas :D el Kpop en su esplendor!! <3 me encanta esa canción es pegajosa~~

Algo que admiro que cada uno de los miembros tiene su “sólo” en la coreografía. 

[Traducción] Autógrafos de Shinhwa para Naver Music

(Dongwan) "Para Naver Music~ Sniper- Por favor dénle mucho amor~!"

(Lee Minwoo) Naver Music!! Sniper!! Daebak :) Por favor anticípenlo.

(Andy) "Para Naver Music: Por favor den mucho amor al 12th album!"

(Eric) "Para Naver Music: El 12th album de Shinhwa, por favor dénle mucho amor!!"

(Hyesung) "Naver Music" Por favor esperen por ‘Sniper’!"

(Junjin) "Para: Naver Music"

Trad. Inglés:

Trad. Español: Jacqueline – Shinhwa Shin Hyesung Peru