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1. What is a favorite quote of yours, funny, inspirational or otherwise?

"That was not in Lagman"

Well, I had to read a book named Langman’s embryology for Molecular and cellular biology class. It was huge! Ok, it was not that big, but our teacher only gave us just a day to memorize it. Sooo whenever I dont understand something I would say "That was not in Lagman". Yeah, its a little lame, but my classmates always find it funny.

2. Tell me about the last dream you had (or if you don’t remember what it was, tell me about a memorable dream you’ve had).

I wanted to go to college :D

3. Are you a nerdfighter? (If you are, you know what that means; if not, you’re probably not one and I would highly recommend your becoming one as soon as possible. Follow-up question if you’re not: try and guess what DFTBA stands for, pretty please?)

Sorry, I’m not D: but I’m going to check it :)

4. What does a perfect day look like in your mind? (I mean what would you do, where would you be, what kind of weather, etc)

Umm, in my perfect day I would be at Universal studios with my friends (dont have to many so) and I would eat fish, brownies, pizza, hojaldras, and natilla. And then we would watch movies and at the night I would stay with my family at home so we could eat chuzos together like always and then I would read a book. Yeah, its stupid.

5. Who is your one and only fictional true love (or who plural if you can’t decide)?

Soul Eater Evans, Hiccup and Jack Frost. I’m marrying all of them.

6. Who is your one and only fictional true love (or who plural if you can’t decide)?

 Fly!! Its my dream! I would be able to go everywhere without having to pay anything XD 

7. Have you ever done/said something so catastrophically stupid/embarrassing that  you still feel shame over it? (and do tell)

Oh! This one its good. When I was like 8, my cousin and I used to go to a internet cafe to play games and stuff. One day, we had played all the games from a page, except a category. Erotic games. I didnt know what were those so I asked my cousin if we could try it. She said “No Maye, we are not playing that” I asked her why but she kept saying that we wouldnt play those. I got upset so I started to scream “I want to play erotic games!!” And my poor cousin was like “No Maye! STOP!” LOL She was so embarrassed

8. List your favorites: 1) food 2) color 3) Disney princess

1) Pizza

2) Blue

3) I dont have one .__. I was never a big princess fan, but if I had to choose, I would go for Mulan

9. What are some of your pet peeves?

Umm, cockroaches. I hate them!

10. Put a gif here that describes how you’re feeling right now.


11. Make up a haiku right now and write it here. 

Can I do it in spanish? No? Well, I’m doing it anyway XD

Del azul del cielo

espiral del alma

un sueño eterno

I suck at this XD

My questions! 

1. Do you watch anime? Wich one is your favorite one?

2. Dreamworks or Disney?

3. Which is your favorite song?

4. Your biggest dream

5. Which language would you like to learn?

6. How did you find Tumblr?

7. Your crush name! Or username? And if you dont have one, then your idol

8. Somethin random abour you

9. Favorite movie(s)

10. Are you left or right handed?

11. What color are your eyes?

I tag becuase I can! 












Its ok if you dont want to answer :)

eretsonoferet said:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (read that as Drago's scream) I'm so glad I came back just in time to wish you happy birthday! You're a fabulous, reliable person and you run one of my favorite httyd blogs! I'm glad you're on tumblr!

oooh la la, you got lucky xD

hehe i am? thank you luv HAHA 

everyone calls me women now, here are a few examples

WOMEN, get over here

You now wOMen?

ah yis, this WOMEN IS NOW FREE

"DIVORCE YOUR PARENTS! (from itsdrsexytoyou)”

and so on…

haha this word women is already a good start xD I STILL LUV YOU GUYS

YOU GUYS ARE LIKE FAMILY TO ME, i will never leave Tumblr. Ever. Well if im like 50 years old then i might retire. xD lol

haha eretsonoferet your my favorite too, if you didnt know.