I fixed the District Map up a little, made it less cluttered and stuff!!

Wall Maria:

  • Shinganshina District (South-most district of Wall Maria. We all know this one.)
  • Three other unspecified Districts in the east, west, and north.

Wall Rose:

  • Trost District (South-most district of Wall Rose. Closest to the breach in Wall Maria, most frequent titan attacks)
  • Nedlay District (North-most district of Wall Rose.)
  • Karanese District (East-most district of Wall Rose. Where 57th expedition beyond the walls was launched)
  • Chlorba District (West-most district of Wall Rose)
  • Dauper (Sasha’s Village)
  • Ragako (Connie’s Village)

Wall Sina:

  • Stohess District (East-most district of Sina. Where EP23 takes place)
  • Hermiha District (South-most district of Sina. Currently overloaded with Rose refugees who believe Wall Rose has been breached)
  • Yalkell District (West-most district of Sina)
  • Utopia/Inner District (Area Wall Sina surrounds)
  • One other unspecified District in the north.
SNK OC Myths Busted!
  • Don’t give your SNK OC Tattoos! They don’t have the technology!

The earliest documented tattoos (57 of them!) are on Ötzi the Iceman, who was born sometime circa 3300 BCE! (That’s like over 5,000 years ago) Julius Caesar talked about tattooing in the year 57 BCE, and tattooing is prohibited in Leviticus. Civilization in SNK is certainly advanced enough to have tattooing if people five thousand years ago were able to. However, the commonality of tattooing in Europe, where SNK is arguably set, was not prevalent until after the Age of Exploration began (Most notably, the crew of Captain James Cook had returned with tattoos and tattooed slaves in the late 18th century. Into the 19th century, tattoos became associated with seamen and sailors as tattooing while you were overseas became tradition.)  Due to the existence of flintlock muskets which we can date to circa 1600 CE, we can try to date the SNK universe anywhere after 1600 CE, which is near to the turning point and the revival of modern tattooing. I’d say, if you want to give your OC a tattoo, go for it! Please remember that tattoos in this time period were created with a plant or ash based ink and pierced into the skin with individual markings.

  • My OC can have large breasts if I want her to! It doesn’t matter!

Actually, this matters a lot! Let’s go over the main reason your OC wouldn’t have huge boobs just falling out of their shirt. There is a strap that covers the top of the breasts, and effectively pushes them down. This strap would go about an inch and a half to two inches above the nipple, and these are not loose-fitting straps. They’re part of the 3DMG harness, and you have to have tight, taut straps to be able to maneuver it properly. This means, you’re gonna have a tight strap pushing your tits down 24/7. Even if you didn’t bind your breasts, having that single strap across the top of the breast really flattens them out. This is also why, you’ll notice, that none of the canonically female characters have large breasts. It would get really uncomfortable to have a rope squished against your boobs for hours and days at a time! Binding is very practical for 3DMG usage, so your boobs aren’t flying every which way while making sharp turns. This doesn’t mean you can’t give your OC large breasts, it just means you have to think about them in context of what your character will be doing and how having larger breasts will affect them realistically.

  • Can I give my OC oddly coloured hair?

No single canon character represented in SNK has had an unnatural hair colour. While hair colouring in itself is an old art that can be dated back to circa 1660 CE, it’s incredibly unwise for a soldier to consider hair colouring. Firstly, resources in the SNK universe are hard to come by. A soldier is going to have a hard time coming across a certain material to be able to dye their hair with (synthetic dyes were not created till the mid 1800s, so all dyes were natural), and it’d probably be very expensive! Why would a soldier even think about dying their hair when they’re at constant threat of a Titan attack, in the first place even? It’s really best to toss out the prospect of hair colouring for an SNK OC.

  • Don’t give your SNK OC a tragic backstory! 

While the common rule with OCs is to avoid tragic histories at all costs, we do have to remember that hundreds of thousands of refugees were sent to work the farms and fight in Maria territory in a government ploy to alleviate the food shortages in the districts of Wall Rose. That little reclamation project only had about 150 survivors, and who knows how many people were killed in Shinganshina, the 3 other unnamed districts of Wall Maria, and the villages inside the inner gate just trying to escape to Wall Rose! Death is commonplace in SNK, so having family members dying the the military or having families dying in the reclamation project is completely plausible.

  • My SNK OC can have long hair if I want her to!

Well, if you have a way for her to keep her hair out of her 3DMG, not get in her eyes while she’s fighting, and stay out of her way while she’s trying to kill Titans, then sure. You can give her long hair. Not a long ponytail, but a bun or loose bun, something that isn’t that far past her shoulders. If you have an OC with long hair that is not kept up, it will either get caught inside the rotary of the 3DMG and possibly kill her from scalping, hinder her vision and possibly get her killed, or, get cut off accidentally by her own blades while spinning to get a titan kill. Loose, long hair is really bad for SNK OCs in general. This is not female-specific, might I add. Don’t have guys with ass-length hair either.

If you have any more questions regarding practicality of something in the SNK universe, please ask them here!


I hope you don’t mind me replying to this publicly, because I think this is an opportunity to give a lot of information.

Aspiration to improve the 3DMG is really really super plausible, because wartime is what invigorates technological advancements. It’s totally commonplace for people to try to work on how to more effectively or efficiently complete tasks, and fine-tune what they’ve already been given. World War I brought us fighter planes and basically created the combat air force, and for a more modern example, we actually have efficient laser guns that the war in iraq brought us.

Anyways, short and sweet, any character in a militaristic setting looking to create or advance technology for warfare is legitimate! And, the 3DMG would probably be the thing that would have the most effort put into fixing, because it does have a lot of problems. If you want to focus on specifics, here are a few ideas:

  • Working on creating efficient gas canisters with larger capacity.
  • Working to eliminate the usage of gas entirely
  • 3DMG for greater mobility in flat plains
  • Safety features if hookshots get snagged (think Mina Carolina)

That’s just a few different things you can think about with regards to altering the 3DMG.

Now, with that huge important thing out of the way, let’s talk about your character.

…working on improving the 3D gear after her uncle died due to his breaking down.

Good, good. It’s really nice to see that you have a viable reason for her actually putting time and effort into wanting to fix up the 3DMG.

She’s not a full fledged engineer more like an apprentice-engineer since she’s still learning all the tools of the trade.

I’m really liking how you’re not putting her as an actual professional engineer, and someone who’s currently learning. I believe government in SNK puts a lot of their priority into the military, and it sounds like the use of 3DMG is banned within the walls (episode 23, they say use of 3DMG has been temporarily allowed in the cities to protect the Scouting Legion, so she’d have to be outside the walls with the Scouting Legion or in secret to actually test this stuff out.), so I think you’d probably have to combine military service and engineering together. That’s up to you though.

She loves to ask questions about how well the gear works and how they would improve it/problems they have when using it.

Like any good apprentice should!

Overall, you have a really great idea and a good start for the character! I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

-Mod Eren

anonymous said:

Hello! I was reading ,any guides on how to make an OC for this specific fandom, and I think I have an overall developed character. The only traits that I think are even a little suish or make no sense (though they are sort of important for the character development in the long run) are the facts that my OC is nearsighted and sometimes has random panic attacks/anxiety attacks. Since she's a soldier, I was wondering how I could get around the need for glasses thing+panic attacks? Thank you :)

The need for glasses isn’t a sue trait at all! Many characters in SnK have glasses. They’re more like prescription goggles, however, with straps that keep them on their head. Hanji and Rico are both high ranking officers (squad leaders) and wear glasses, so glasses is by no means a sue trait in SnK.



We’ve also seen characters that have panic and anxiety attacks!


Most notably is Dazz of the 104th, who has a panic attack during the Battle for Trost, and vomits from the intensity.

Marco tries to calm Dazz down by showing him how collected Sasha is, and she yells out that she feels horrible and needs to see a medic because of how shaken she is from the Battle.


Anxiety and panic attacks in SnK are very viable and do happen! Neither of those are sue traits. However, the random anxiety attacks would be a hindrance to fighting. They would have to have a strong enough resolve to be able to cast off their emotions during battle, but maybe, after the brunt of the battle has past, she loses her resolve and breaks down in an anxiety attack. That could work, and that’s normally what does happen in SnK.

-Mod Eren

marysuefacepalm said:

I'm really loving your opinions on all these topics~ So I was wondering out of curiousity, what's your opinion on a non-military OC paired with a military character?

Ah, thank you! I’m glad!

And, that I think would have to depend on the faction of the military character. Garrison and Military Police are both okay, since they’re both stationed to a single District. If the OC lives in the same district as the military character, it’s pretty easy to maintain a romantic relationship.

Things get a little sticky with the scouting legion, though. I believe that expeditions outside the walls aren’t commonplace, because the walls have existed for 105 years and only 57 expeditions outside have taken place, so that’s like roughly 2 expeditions outside a year. Most of the Scouting Legion’s resources (before the fall of Wall Maria) seemed to have been spent on research instead of trying to fight the titans, and after the fall of maria, military attacks against titans have been more numerous, although still spread out. The Scouting Legion can’t really compensate the 30% of troops lost per expedition quickly because their recruitment rate has been dropping, so they don’t have missions like every single month??

I think because of this reason, a non-military OC paired with a military character could be plausible because the character in the Scouting Legion wouldn’t be outside the walls 24/7 and would actually be based somewhere within them. (Castle Utgard, where Levisquad makes it’s headquarters, is inside Wall Rose, if that’s any indication.)

They’d just have to worry about their lover returning back safely from missions and arguments about leaving the military for a domestic lifestyle or not.

(I’m not sure how retirement works in SNK, because it looks like you get a death penalty for desertion and that’s pretty intense cause US military punishment for desertion is like at max 2 years jailtime.)

-Mod Eren

anonymous said:

could you explain the trainee squads a bit please? like the numbering??? I'm making some ocs and I'm not sure which trainee squad to put them in ;o; thank you in advance!

Well, I don’t believe there’s been any real guide to the numbering of the Trainee Squads, so I’ll just tell you how I numbered mine!

I assume that the number assigned to Trainee Squads is the number of years after the 1st Trainee Squad. Basically, the squads are numbered after the year.

Since Eren, Mikasa, and Armin all enlisted at age 12, the minimum age to enlist in the Military, they would have joined in the year 847. If the 104th Trainees is all of those who enlisted in the year 847, 103rd Trainees would be from the year 846, 102nd Trainees would be from the year 845 and so on.

If you want to figure out what Trainee Squad your character would have been in, just subtract 743 from the year they enlisted.

y=x-743 where y is Trainee Squad Number and x is year enlisted.

Hooray math.

risedante said:

Can I ask if having a dark skinned character possible?

I believe that is possible! The two canon characters that come to mind for darker skintone are Ymir and Franz:



Based on the fact that she was mistaken for Ymir, we can also interpret Ilse Langner as darker skinned:


anonymous said:

Why does the uniform include that brown cloth wrapped around the hips?

The wrap seems to function as a kind of protection for the upper hips and the cradle for the 3DMG. I believe the actual weapon sheaths on the hips are attached to the straps underneath the wrap, so it could be protecting those straps incase they got cut. It could also be for protecting the hips from cable-burn and accidentally firing a hookshot into your hip (since the 3DMG fires from a little bit above hip-level.)

Basically, it’s for protecting your legs and protecting the gear.

-Mod Eren


Would having limbs amputated and having near death experiences be plausible in SnK? Absolutely! Many soldiers come back with missing arms and legs from titan battles, because Titans don’t necessarily go for eating the whole body. In episode 5(6?), for example, Eren gets his leg amputated by a Titan who jumps at him while he’s using the 3DMG. In the Scouting Legion, anything that involves amputation, loss of limbs, near death, etc is extremely plausible because it is simply a fact of the SnK universe.

However, modified 3DMG to provide for soldiers with missing limbs does not yet exist! If you have an arm amputated, unless you have a way to strap a blade onto your arm and use it correctly, you’re not going to be able to fight titans. One single blade isn’t enough to shear the back of a Titan’s neck off, it’s actually the two blades angled together in a kind of V shape simultaneously that cuts the back of the neck off. There really isn’t a simple way to kill a Titan with only one arm that would not involve strapping a blade to your amputated arm, or making two strikes on the titan which is pretty risky.

A leg is different. You don’t technically need both legs intact to use the 3DMG, but it greatly inhibits mobility. A lot of fancy footwork goes into accurately and precisely using the 3DMG, and a prosthetic could try to instill part of that mobility, but you’d never achieve 100%. If the leg was amputated above the knee, it would basically be impossible for it to work.

The range of mobility limited by the lack of a leg would definitely cut military service in the Scouting Legion, but a career moved to the Garrison would be plausible.

Prosthetics in general, which i’ve also seen debated on whether or not SnK would have the technology to create viable prosthetic limbs, are really really OK to have. The use of prosthetics is thousands of years old.

Hope that answers your questions!

-Mod Eren

anonymous said:

So I've made a Snk OC and I will admit she's pretty much a Mary Sue (like she's strong, fun to be around,I guess good looks). I really want to change her but I just love her so much that I can't. I've tried adding minor details (such as she's a bit mentally crazy and talks to herself, is a bit of a dumb blonde,etc) but she has the whole tragic past thing I cringe at it but I still love because in my opinion it's pretty original. I know this'll be complicated to answer, but how can I fix this? :)

Okay, one thing I need to point out to everyone making SnK OCs:

Having a tragic past is NOT a taboo!! 

A very large fraction of people within the walls died due to the breach of Wall Maria, and even more died in the Reclamation Project, which, as we all remember, was actually a government ploy to decrease the population because of food shortages. People were dying within all of the walls because Rose and Sina couldn’t support their populations plus that of Maria. The Government literally killed thousands of people because thousands of people were dying anyways. It was a sacrifice to try to alleviate food shortages.

Because there was little food, you can bet the crime rate rose with people trying to steal food, doing whatever they can to feed themselves or their family. People probably were killed by civilians trying to get bread.

Because of all this, no matter what district your character lived in, there was bound to be people dying. It’s a really common thing in this show, and if your OC had their whole family die, or if they only had like an uncle die, it’s completely plausible. Loads of people had their whole families die, loads of people had friends or distant relatives die. 

If you want your OC to have a tragic past in SnK, I say go for it. There is literally no way to go wrong with this show, because it is essentially built on human suffering and death.

Being strong is also not something to worry about. Operating the 3DMG takes incredible strength and dexterity. If your OC is weak, they’re not going to be able to operate it and won’t be fit for the MIlitary. I say if you deliberately make your character weak in order to bypass some other trait you think is a Sue-Quality, stop right there. If your character is weak, they sure as hell aren’t going to be Military Material.

One thing you want to do, however, is equally balance your character’s attributes. You don’t want a character who is excellent in marks all across the board. If they’re incredibly strong, tone it down a notch on the intelligence and reaction times. You don’t want to max out your character in all regards.

As long as you don’t do that and your character doesn’t have physical characteristics that are completely impossible in the SnK realm (Let’s say they have cat ears and 4 pairs of wings), then you should be 100% fine.

anonymous said:

What do you think should be included in a biography for a character?

Name, age, height, weight, birthplace, Military faction, personality, physical appearance, brief summary of their history, strengths+weaknesses, etc.

In their history, it’s good to provide an explanation of why they decided to join the military, if they did, and explain why they chose the branch they went into. 

Other things that aren’t as critical include graduation rank(if in the top 10 of their class), the trainee squad they graduated with, and any other facts you’d like to add in about the character.

anonymous said:

It seems like a kinda stupid question, but it's normal to have a Russian OC, right? Sorry unu

Russia is technically an Asian country, but hardly anybody actually refers to it as such. I think it’s totally fine to have a character of Russian descent!

littlestmedic said:

If there are only a few missions for the Survey Corps a year, could it be expected that people in squads like Special Ops downed a LOT of Titans during the few missions they may have been on? Like Auruo has a ridiculously high kill count, but he's also still in his teens, so theoretically he just killed a shit load of Titans in the space of a few missions? How likely is it also that there are missiosn that aren't counted as part of the 57 (I think it's 57?). Like small, one squad, missions.

Well, a Military Expedition is defined as “a campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in foreign land”, and the definition of campaign is “several related operations aimed at achieving a particular goal”. So, I think it’s safe to assume that the 57 different Expeditions outside the wall are preformed by a large portion of the Scouting Legion and small squads could preform individual operations outside the walls.

Auruo, Gunther, Erd, Petra, and Hanji(she was in the diagram shown in the show, I forget the episode.) have all been stated to have been in the Scouting Legion for at least 5 years, and we’re unsure exactly how many of the 57 expeditions have been preformed after the year 845 and how many expeditions were preformed trying to reclaim Maria, but it’s worded as though these five have lived through the Maria crises, and have been in the Scouting Legion longer than that. 

Auruo has a ridiculously high solo kill count of 39 solo kills, but has a very low team kill count of 7. Most of the other Levisquad members have just as high combined solo and team kill counts. Petra actually has the highest stated combined kills with 58 to Auruo’s 48. Gunter has 47 combined kills, Erd has 46. It’s just that they all have team kill counts in the 40’s, and Auruo has a team kill count of 7.

tl;dr one squad operations outside of the walls (are super super risky tbh) are vaguely plausible, but we also have to take into account that Military operation really picked up in the last 5 years since the fall of Wall Maria. I’m guessing the frequency of expeditions has picked up since 845, making a tremendously high kill count like the special ops squads to be possible in a short period of time.

-Mod Eren

he-sgotthebodforthat said:

Do you think it would be possible to have homosexual relationships in SnK? I assume it could be a secret, but would it be accepted publicly?

I’m pretty sure it would be fairly accepted publicly.

Nobody has batted an eyelash at the fact genderqueer/agender characters exist, and the fact that women are basically equal to men say a lot about the social equality in SnK.

I think it’s safe to say that same-sex relationships would be well accepted in the SnK universe.

-Mod Eren

anonymous said:

What are your thoughts on OC x Canon ships?

I’ll address ships and canon character relationships in general here.

Distant relationships with canon characters are acceptable. If you’re in the military, you’re probably going to have heard about Eren and his Titan Shifting abilities. Who hasn’t, by now? If you’re in the same faction, you’ll probably associate with a canon character once or twice. For example, if your character is in the Scouting Legion, odds are they’re going to see someone from the 104th trainees, if they’re a squad leader, they’ll probably talk to Erwin at least once. Even if you’re in a totally different faction, like Military Police, you’ll probably see canon characters again. Each district has it’s own Military Police brigade operating specifically for that District, and it’s the Military Police’s duty to escort the Scouting Legion inside the cities. The two factions are going to meet! In the Battle for Trost, Scouting Legion and Garrison work hand in hand to complete the plan for Eren to seal the breach in Wall Rose. Basically, no matter where you are in the Military, it’s pretty impossible to not bump into a canon character.

However, romantic relationships with canon characters are another thing. It’s a general rule of thumb to stay away from canon/OC romantic relationships like the plague, and SnK isn’t any different. Familial relations are also generally unaccepted, if it’s a major character. Minor character relations are more forgiving, as in you can probably have an OC that’s the cousin of Marlo or Nack, and nobody will give you strife over it. Because, in all honesty, how many people really know who Marlo and Nack are off the top of their heads? 

Knowing a canon character is cool, dating one is not. Hero complex crushes I would say are OK, because we’ve actually seen that canonically. It’s okay to idolize Levi or Erwin because they’re well known and prominent military figureheads. Blood relations are treading on uncharted waters, and can be iffy with main characters, but are pretty safe with background minor characters.

-Mod Eren

nomey1 said:

So I have an OC that was once part of the Scouting Legion when she had saved someone (I thought maybe Petra but could be a random soldier) from being eaten but then her leg, from below the knee down, gets eaten. I assumed she could no longer be part of the Legion even with a prosthetic leg, but someone said that maybe otherwise. Could she in fact still fight or maybe just assist the army somehow (ex. medic/messenger)? Thanks in advance.

I bet she could totally still assist in some way! Of course she wouldn’t be able to do fieldwork, but she’d be able to help with research or as a medic or otherwise.

**This bit contains Manga SPOILERS from chapter 50 I believe**

If there’s a single soul out there that doesn’t know, Erwin does get his arm bitten off and is still able to operate as the commander of the Scouting Legion. I’m not sure what he actually does as of now, but he’s still there and still doing Scouting Legion-y things.

anonymous said:

I recently created a character. She's a bit chubbier than the other characters in the show, but she is also a bit slower with her gear for that reason. Is that good so far? Or should I give more info on her?

I think thats fine! Physical appearance doesn’t directly correlate with fitness, so I think that works very well. I think that that’s just enough elaboration on the topic, you wouldn’t really need to go into more depth about it.