This picture gets me every time. 

These kids are basically just like Eren and Mikasa. They look like they’re out of some Heidi kinda manga, where every problem gets resolved and everything is nice and all hardships can be overcome by the power of friendship.

But on the other side we have the soldiers. Eren and Mikasa who had just struggled to even survive and had to learn that some hardships may end deadly for those who try to overcome them. They’ve seen their friends die and are facing the reality of the hell that is outside the walls. 

I think it’s very important to show at this point that Eren and Mikasa were like those two kids too. I think it shows that they actually learned a lot the last five years. 

This whole scene is just a replay from the first chapter and it’s amazing. It’s important that Eren learns that the scouting legion folks aren’t as cool as he himself thought as a kid. I think it means a lot that he feels that the SL aren’t the heroes he always made them, the heroes that always win. He doesn’t want those kids to like him for what he did. Because he feels like he did nothing.

As always this is nothing to be seen as ‘fact’ it’s just a possible way of interpretation and I’m not asking anyone to feel the same way about it. I merely wanted to share my thoughts.

ereannie family Au- ( Set after the Au where Annie leaves Eren and her daughter)

 From time to time. Annie would return home to see her daughters growth,hiding in the shadows. She would see her daughter enjoying life to the fullest, always jumping around with a huge smile on her face that resembled her  father. Watching Eren struggle as a single father, but always showering his child with so much love. Playing with her, smiling with her, being protective of her, teaching her. Annie couldn’t help but feel envious as she saw how happy those two looked. It takes every will of her body to not just run up to them, embracing them in her arms, apologizing for abandoning them and pleading to them to have her be apart of their family.

She never does. Because she knows that no matter how much she might want that normal happy life, it won’t change her past mistakes and there’s no guarantee that she won’t hurt those two.And she would do anything to protect them. So she decides to push those desires deep within her heart and leaves, in fear that the longer she stays and watch, the closer she might be to change her mind