As much as I love shipping and OTPs and stuff, this is going to sound weird, but I don’t want any of my OTPs/ships in Attack on Titan to become canon in the end.

I don’t want Attack on Titan to have a Naruto ending where my ships are married and have children.

I want the characters to be happy, but just not in a completely romantic sense.

I want the surviving characters to make it to the ocean or something, or to stand atop the walls thinking “We won, humanity has won.” Just something like that.

Even if one of my ships do become canon, I don’t want them to have that domestic lifestyle ending. Maybe they can do something small like hold hands, but that’s about all I want.

I love my ships and my OTPs, but I just don’t want a Naruto ending. Personally, I feel that an ending where they’re all married doesn’t really fit the demographic/genre of Attack on Titan.


A Story Without Words

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Produced by John Daniel Depa and Emily Solomon
Executive Producers Sean Silva and Heather Christmas
Starring Ty Kisor and Jonah Scott
Story by Andrea G.
Based on the characters created by Hajime Isayama


Old Erejean artwork that was taken down earlier this year. I’m reposting them because I’m still proud of them. Here’s to hoping the haters within the tag have moved on to some other trivial issue or have learned to be decent people since then.

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Ok but eren and jean hating each other. They're at a party and super wasted. They're playing spin the bottle and eren lands on muffin head and he gets all angry and pulls jean up by a fistful of his shirt and kisses him rough and passionately







Hellaaa angry kisses are my jam!

I think there’s a fic about this? It was really good but I don’t know the name. Maybe someone can help me out here?

Also I kind of forgot the details of your ask so now it’s jean kissing eren haha

If you haven’t already, please check out the jeaneren fanmade short film A Story without Words (x) by delanafilms based on andreaphobia’s lovely fic!! They worked super hard on it & it’s absolutely breathtaking. It was a marvel to see this project from start to finish & the cast & crew deserve a big hug for all the amazing effort they put into it, they’re absolutely amazing. So go leave them lots of love! You all are wonderful & I wish you all best of luck with future projects *smooches all your cheeks*