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 ”Jean knows everything.” His voice was steady though the rest of him demanded to fall apart. Deep breaths did little to aid his condition.

"He knows?"

"He knows," Armin repeated in validation.

This was the pivotal moment the entire night had built up to, and, oddly, he felt at peace. Though his heart pounded painfully in his chest and his head was running wild with thoughts streaming together, the world hadn’t ended. The ocean hadn’t risen and drown the town. The sky hadn’t opened and rained locusts and toads. The world still turned. They were okay. He was, surprisingly, okay. 

The fear of commitment began to melt. Suddenly, he was deaf to all the bitter words that Jean had thrown at him just hours before, and all that mattered was the man sitting beneath him. 

He wasn’t gripped by uncertainty. Not anymore. He knew he loved Eren. He was more sure of this than he was the color of the grass or the purpose of the sun. In all of his life, Armin had never been more positive of anything. He’d loved Jean, but never with this intensity. Never with this much hunger and desire and need. 

Armin breathed his words. “He knows I love you, Eren. And he knows I’m yours.” When Armin smiled it was weak and tear filled, but it was real, and as far as Eren was concerned, it was dazzling. “If you want me.”

"If I want you?" Eren laughed with disbelief, his hands wrapping around Armin’s upper arms securely. "Armin, I don’t think there’s any way I could ever want anyone else after knowing you. There is no one else for me."

Armin’s eyes were finely cut gems in the vivid light of early morning. His heart had hurdled somewhere near his throat, unable to handle the sudden rush of merriment that shot through his bloodstream and sparked under his skin where Eren’s fingers pressed into him.

"I want to kiss you," Armin whispered. Something in his stomach fluttered.

"So what’s stopping you?"

"Nothing," shaking his head, Armin brushed his lips along Eren’s before taking him in a hungry kiss. "Not a single thing. Not anymore."