Animal Crossing e-reader cards!
These cards were sold back around the time the gamecube version was released! The e-reader was an accessory for the gameboy advance that allowed you to slide cards in it to receive data! The villager cards that you have here would give you a letter from that villager with an item attached! There were also minigame cards that would allow you to play a fun little minigame on your gameboy! Here is my relatively small collection of them considering there were hundreds of them made. Enjoy!

A few years ago I was one of those people who swore I would never ever purchase an e-reader. That an e-reader would never be able to replace that feel good weight in my hands, the feeling of turning a page, or the scent an aged book gives off. I was right, an e-reader could never fill that tall order but at the same time I was completely wrong. A year and a half ago I was going back and forth on deciding if I should cave and get an e-reader. I did some research trying to figure out which brand and e-reader suited me the best. I had tried reading on an iPad and didn’t enjoy the brightness or the glare of the screen. I also tried a Nook and wasn’t too crazy over it. I looked at YouTube videos comparing different types of e-reader and I read tons of reviews. When I finally decided I wanted a Kindle Paperwhite it turns out my mom had already purchased it for me as a gift. (Thanks Mom!!) When it arrived I was nervous. What if I didn’t like it and never used it? What if I liked it? Would I be abandoning my other books? Was I backstabbing traitor? So I let it charge, bought a few books and a cover and started this new e-reader journey I didn’t think I would ever go on. As you can see from the banner above it turns out that I would fall madly in love with my Kindle Paperwhite. I’m not a traitor. I still on occasion buy “real” books and I still pick up the books I already have on my shelf. I haven’t abandoned or forgotten about paper printed books and I never will. Yet I’ve discovered so many amazing things that my e-reader can do that a paper printed book cannot. So here are the 20 reasons why I love my e-reader/Kindle Paperwhite. 

  1. It small and it’s lightweight.  I can carry a thousand page book with me and not worry about it weighing fifteen pounds or taking up all the space in my purse. 
  2. Since it’s so small I can take it with me anywhere. If I’m going on a much needed vacation instead of packing a minimum of two or three books I can take my whole library with me. How convenient is that?
  3. God forbid I should lose my Kindle, or something worse happens and I lose all my books in some devastating scenario. No worries I can just re-download the book for free on Amazon. Amazon keeps all my books on a cloud unless I physically delete them. This also means I can read anywhere and not just on my kindle. I can read on my iPhone, my iPad, even my computer! All I need is the Kindle app which is free. 
  4. I don’t need to leave my house to buy a book. Sometimes you really want to read this one book but it’s late and the bookstore is already closed or maybe you just don’t want to get out of your PJs. With my kindle I can shop and buy a new book without leaving my comfy chair. It’s kinda amazing.
  5. Amazon has amazing e-book sales. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved by purchasing e-books. It’s most likely in the thousands by now. 
  6. Amazon also has a huge library to select from. Even bigger than B&N! 
  7. I’m saving physical space and money.(Also saving the environment?) As much as I love swooning over my bookshelves and looking at the books on my bookshelves I’m running out of room to put them all. I can’t afford to spend $300 on a large bookcase. Do you know how many e-books I could buy with that money? A lot. I can fit thousands of books on my Kindle, it’s not only fantastic, it’s pretty impressive. 
  8. Many e-readers come with cool settings. My Kindle Paperwhite allows me to change the font and font size of the book I’m reading and it allows me to customize the line setting. I’m no longer straining my eyes trying to read small print. 
  9. What I love about the Paperwhite is that it has a little light, that only I can see. This allows me to read in the dark. I’m no longer disturbing the person next to me if I decide to read at night. You can change the brightness which is pretty neat. 
  10. The main reason why I picked the Paperwhite is that it looks like a real book. The screen has the look of a real page. I can’t express how important (and cool) that is. This feature allows me to read outside with no glare! Also the screen is fingerprint resistant which is huge plus. 
  11. The Paperwhite is strictly for reading. I’ve tried reading on my iPad but then I would get distracted and check my email, blog on tumblr, or play angry birds. It’s nice to have a tablet that is for reading only. 
  12. Another thing I love about the Paperwhite is that I can highlight anything I want without ruining my book. I can also take notes and leave comments. You wouldn’t believe how many times I tried to highlight a real book with the touch of my finger and it didn’t work. Hahaha. It’s pretty embarrassing but this highlighting feature is so nice to have. 
  13. If I come across a word I don’t know all I have to do is highlight it and dictionary will come and define it for me. Now that’s a way to expand your vocabulary! 
  14. The Paperwhite makes it so easy for you to bookmark your page. You no longer have to dog ear the corners or worry about losing your bookmark and using a receipt instead. The Kindle has taken care of it for you. You basically can never lose you place. 
  15. The bottom of this screen has this cool feature that tells you how far you are into the book and how long it will take you to finish the chapter or the entire book. For some reason this makes me read faster and it makes me feel really accomplished. 
  16. You can find so many cute cases for the Kindle Paperwhite. I got mine on Amazon from Thankcase for like $15 but you can find designer one (ie: Vera Bradley) to make your Paperwhite look fancy! 
  17. With the new software update you can connect your Paperwhite to your Goodreads account! This allows you to update your status and sends your rating of a book right to Goodreads without logging on to a computer. 
  18. You can view your books by cover or title. I personally like to see the cover because it’s nice to see my books all lined up. You can also organize them by author, newest book, etc. It’s up to you. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s so easy to customize the Paperwhite just for you. 
  19. The battery lasts a really long time. I can read for a few days straight before having to charge it. I normally charge it while I’m sleeping, because I can’t read then anyway, and when I wake up it’s ready to go. 
  20. The Paperwhite isn’t cheap but it isn’t expensive. Either way I think it’s so worth the price! 

Having and e-reader has improved my reading experience, it makes me want to read more, it makes reading even more exciting. I use to be one of those people who looked down on e-readers (not the people who used them though!) but I was so wrong. I don’t know what I was doing all those years with out my Kindle! I absolutely love it! 

[Note: I’m in no way affiliated with Amazon I just get a lot of questions regarding my feelings towards e-readers and e-books so I thought I would make an official post to express my feelings.]