-Interview with Shinichiro Hatta-


Q3 — Since it will soon be the first day of the new year, as someone who has watched over the characters since the very beginning, Hatta-san, please tell us how you think they would spend New Year’s Day! 

Tachibana Makoto: He might spend it playing with his siblings. When Haruka returns home, they may go with the rest of the group to visit the shrine. 

Makoto Tachibana 

growth point — Makoto takes care of others and has a good heart. Even as a high schooler, that personality has not changed; he spends each day looking after Haruka. In junior high school, he quits the swim club along with Haruka, but in reality he wished that they keep swimming with each other together. However, because he wanted to respect Haruka’s feelings, he did not force him. In high school, they form the swim club. As they swim with their friends, his desire to swim relay with Haruka again grows stronger, and by expressing that out loud, his words move Haruka’s heart. Also, his bond with his friends deepens when the swim club goes to training camp, and he continuously supports Haruka by his side to the very end.

Translation: great-blaster
Credits: uchi-uchi

From: Spoon 2Di