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Opposing the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope isn’t about opposing science: it’s about the opposing the system that was designed to oppress Indigenous Hawaiians.

By Keolu Fox


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My first time participating in blackout day. Growing up mixed was always strange for me when I was younger. I didn’t know how to identify. My mom is Portuguese, Italian, and Irish and my dad is Hawaiian and African American but culturally more Hawaiian. My dad lives in Hawaii so I was mostly raised by my white mother’s side of the family in a wealthy white community. The majority of everyone around me was white. I grew up thinking it was strange I looked so unique compared to everyone in my family. My mom exposed me to as much of the missing piece of my identity as she could and I’m grateful for that.

98% of my friends growing up were Caucasian. My friends in high school always used to say, “Gianna. You’re not even black.” Because I didn’t fit into their stereotype of how someone “black” should act. I didn’t blame them for making those ignorant remarks because we all grew up in a significantly wealthy place called Alameda, CA next to Oakland, CA, where it’s hard not to notice the racial and wealth inequality between people of minorities and people of white privilege. Oakland is in a state of crisis. All they knew about black culture was from music, the media and driving from some of our 900,000+ dollar homes in alameda, locking their doors through the hood in Oakland (and seeing all the social/racial inequality, and wealth division) to go up into the Berkeley hills to our friends million dollar houses.

It took me a long time to make the effort to try and learn about the one piece of my identity that has always felt to be missing. And I’m still on that journey.

People who are mixed with only 2 races/ethnicities are valid, and people who are mixed with many or too many to count are valid. People who can trace their ancestry and know exactly which races/ethnicities they are mixed with are valid, and people who only have a vague idea are valid. People who choose to identify with only one of their races/ethnicities are valid, and people who identify with more, most or all are valid. There’s no right or wrong way to be mixed and everyone’s mixed experiences are valid.