Introducing: “I Fight Like a Girl” Project

Hello, my faithful students! I wanted to introduce a project I have been putting together over the last couple of days. Let me explain. 

I want this campaign to celebrate the tv show that we all love, which is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The show has a wide array of female characters, and all are celebrated for their differences. This campaign is to highlight just what it means to “fight like a girl”. 

Focusing on what it means to “fight like a girl” I want to break down stereotypes that Bronies are taking the show away from little girls, that they have to make the show masculine in some form or fashion for them to enjoy it, or that they have to take away the femininity of the characters to relate to them. 

Also I want to redefine what it means to “fight like a girl.” When I was younger, I was a huge tomboy. I didn’t want to be seen as girly, and most importantly, weak. However, being a girl, and acting like one, does not make you inherently weak! 

What I Want From You

You can submit an image like the above, with your text on it and a FiM character of your choice. You can also submit just the text and which character you want used, and I will put it together for you, which my atrocious photoshop skills. 

I will be posting them on our blog here, as well as collecting them to put them into a bigger master post. (On GoogleDocs or something.) I will tag them as: “fightlikeagirl” (minus the quotation marks). 

This will be on going, with no closing date for the submissions, so don’t worry if you can’t think of anything yet. 

Can we submit male characters? 

Of course! This project is for helping to eliminate the stigma of gender roles, and celebrate a show that helps to bring them down. If you want, you can even submit something like, “I fight like a boy, I value others’ feelings, I am not afraid to show my weakness, I will stand up for those in need” With a picture of Shining Armor. (Or something along those lines. You could even submit that as, “I fight like a girl” and still have a male character present.) 

Try to keep your text PG, incase any little ones find it. (I kind of want them to! So that they don’t fall into the trap of “femininity is weak” or “masculine is strong”.) Also, try to use images that the artist has ok’ed. 

Thank you so much! I hope to see lots on entries into the inbox. c: 



This is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen while grocery shopping. Not only did someone persevere and beat the demon that is cancer, but a thoughtful person left flowers on their windshield. I would also like to point out that they said “fought like a girl” because HELL YEAH! Way to praise someone’s achievements while simultaneously slapping feminism in the face! Can we have more of both types of these people in the world, please?

by @theartoftattooing “PLEASE DO NOT REPORT!

I think we all love boobs! I’m a woman, not a lesbian, but I still LOVE boobs!

This woman not ‘just’ beat cancer, she also goes public and show how she looks like now! She decided to be creative, and got these beautiful flowers made by @kristaltattoos, instead of traditional areola/nipple tattoos.
As a woman, my worst fear have been to get breast cancer, because I would feel that I lost all my feminism with my breasts, but since I have realized what a surgery and tattoo can do, I’m not as intimidated by the thought. In my view, women who have beaten breast cancer the most powerful women on this earth, and they inspire me to keep my head high and fight for the things I want to accomplish in life. I would like to thank all the strong women who share their story with the public, you all are a huge inspiration for me, and I admire your strength! To you who are struggling - remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel, the only thing you need to concentrate on is to beat this terrible disease, is to beat the terrible disease, and afterwards there’s plenty of opportunity to get your feminism back!💪👊🙏” via @PhotoRepost_app #mastectomy #breastcancer #cancer #cancersucks #scar #fightlikeagirl #pink #beadsofhope

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This actually made me very emotional…this is why I never did sports, because I was always told I did something “like a girl” and so I always felt defeated and never tried to prove them wrong, because all I was to them was a girl.

We really do need to take this back in our society, we don’t need more kids not doing something, just because someone’s thrown “like a girl” in front of it.  Yes I’m a girl, and because I’m a girl I do things like a girl, but I’m not the same as everyone else, and we as a gender get slammed with this one comment.

"Fight like a girl" for Breast Cancer, their motto, that has good connotation, whereas you "throw" like a girl, "hit" like a girl, "walk" like a girl, "sit, stand, eat, drink, swim, dunk" etc like a girl, has bad connotations, and is a way of saying that we’re not valuable enough, that we’re not loved enough, that no matter how good we are at something we’ll always do it, "like a girl."  Well excuse me…no.

What makes us so inferior to men that this has become an insult?  A social norm?  What do we as women have to do?  Change.  We need to change the way that people use the “like a girl” statement, and that starts when we stop mocking ourselves like the one girl said.  If we stop making that okay, perhaps the rest of society will as well.

Let’s change the way we as girls, and woman are defined.  Let’s redefine what it means to do something “like a girl” because if we make it, and take it like a compliment then they can’t use it as an insult.  So here’s my statement, here is where I am using my words to fight like a girl.  And if you can’t deal with that…you’re gonna have to.

I’m  gonna fight like a girl, and I’m going to do what I can to change the way we as women are viewed.  It only takes one person to start a revolution, so how about we band together, and do it as a team?  Since they lump us all in “fight like a girl” let’s all fight like a girl and watch the definition change.

So yes, fight like a girl, but do it how you would do it.

Do it your way.

And don’t let anyone tell you any different.

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