'That's probably why she started to think: 'Why the hell am I out here in this castle, 40 miles outside of London, gardening and cooking? I’m a rock star.’ So I think she just got up one day and thought: ‘This is crazy - I’m going back to work.’ “I’m just glad she’s back,” Nicks adds. “I’ve missed her very much.”

Uncut Magazine, courtesy of buckinghamnicks-ff.

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when i was 18 i wrote some songs and when i was 19 i wrote a few more.. i didnt know what to do with them until 2010 when my friends dean and nolan started a tape label they named responsiblerecords. we all put out our music thru it for a sec.. some great releases from my best friends—some of the best people ive ever met for sure

i recorded “specks of light” in the fall of 2010 after moving into a converted basement studio apartment down a stupid dirt road in the woods of new paltz, ny. had a pond and stuff so i hung out over there a lot. water was green n ugly. fish looked weird. there were also a couple geese that i probably pretended were swans. it was v country

and so is this funny tape i made on my tascam 4-track. i gave it to friends mostly and we played a lot of shows together. i used to hate the tape but my friends still say its a good tape. im starting to feel better about it 2

these are some yung country boy lix trax from 2010