Equilibristics involves an act that requires maintaining your equilibrium. Be it juggling, devil sticks, or living a high-wire act. The owner of a Magic Shop and the relationship with his favorite young students. His secret life. A double life. A despicable life. A juggle-club bully. An end of childhood.

20 pages, b/w.

Ian McDuffie: Ian McDuffie is much like Prince— if Prince was a cartoonist, watched Sliders every day of his life, lived in Chicago, and loved Philip Roth and Garfield, equally and passionately.

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So equilibristics class turned into a circus free for all this week. We had tight wire, walking globe, (see video evidence above) diablo, devil sticks and juggling. It was a great way to end what was a really challenging fourth week. Our conditioning class was somewhat upped a notch to put it mildly, and not that I’m complaining but if I told you the name of one conditioning activity is called ‘suicide runs’ it gives an idea of the intensity of training. FYI, conditioning is every morning 😳.

I also had my first fall. Gasp! Shock! Horror! I was practicing a catchers to one leg drop on the silks and due to massively tired arms, fell out of it before getting into catchers. Luckily I managed to hold on and slid down the silks with my hands. Any silks artist will know that this is going to burn like a bitch, and it did. Luckily this was the worst of it and after a bit of attention and a couple of ice packs I was back in action the next day. Needless to say I’m having a restful weekend full of yummy food and chill time 😴😊.

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I was giving you money for the journeys
and chrysanthemums from China’s yards
engraved stones for rings
and dresses from magic cities

In father’s old books
the Alexandria’s myths and fests
for all those that are thrown in the air
and in the “yesterday’s” gray seas

Whatever i would begin
whichever door i would knock
nothing is reaching your sky

Something that is shining
you always want, even if it seems to be
the most dull and also dark thing

Like the poor Sarlot’s ballerina
who dances in the rhythm of the night
but your heart as if it’s locked in a showcase
doesn’t touch the beat of mine (or “my heart”)

Since a night, that an equilibrist
in this circus’ lights, equilibrate.
The handsome guy gets the ballerina
and now the clown is alone on the stage

Whatever i would begin
whichever door i would knock
nothing is reaching your sky

Something that is shining
you always want, even if it seems to be
the most dull and also dark thing

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