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Equis Dirk

— centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling timeausTestified [TT] at 9:23 —

CT: D—> Human

CT: D—> Human

CT: D—> Human

TT: Oh great.

CT: D—> I must inquire as to where you have acquired such magnificent pieces of hoofbeast art

CT: D—> As what is hanging in your respiteblock at this very moment

TT: What?

TT: Wait, don’t answer that.

TT: First of all, who in the airborne fuck are you?

TT: Second of all, I’m not going to lie. That is the best chumhandle I have ever laid my humble human eyes upon.

CT: D—> If you are inquiring about my name, then let me formally introduce myself

CT: D—> I am Equius Zahak

TT: Alright, Equius. I’m Dirk. Nice to meet you.

TT: I have a strange feeling that this could quite possibly be the start of a glorious, equine-filled friendship.

whoever this eq was youre perfect
  • ▼:D --> E%cuse me
  • ▼:D --> Is this the My Little Hoofbeast/BDSM Enthusiasts Convention
  • ▲:Yes it is.
  • ▲:Welcome fellow hoofbeasts enthusiast.
  • ▼:D --> Thank goodness
  • ▼:D --> For a moment, I thought that I was lost
  • ▲:Dont worry you're in good hooves now.
  • ▲:This is Dirk Strider desu.
  • ▼:D --> My name is Equius Zahhak
  • ▼:D --> Well met
  • ▲:Indeed.
  • ▲:It is an honor to be blessed by your
  • ▲:kawaii.
  • ▲:Tell me who is your favorite Little Hoofbeast?
  • ▼:D --> Rarity
  • ▼:D --> She is tr001y a generous and high-class lady
  • ▲:No way dude.
  • ▲:Rainbow Dash is where it's at.
  • ▲:You do not have a sufficient kawaiimeter.
  • ▲:GTFO.
  • ▲:peasant.

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when or if I started shipping it: I think I started shipping them after the prototyping of Equiusprite?

my thoughts: A cool pairing, I think it’d be pretty cool seeing they have very similar interests with each other.

What makes me happy about them: Imagining them riding horses or making robots.

What makes me sad about them: Seeing Dirk isn’t the best to handle relationships seeing his status as a Prince of Heart, I don’t think Equius would feel very happy in the end.

things done in art/fic that annoys me: Showing Equius as weak and Dirk as the macho-man.

things I look for in art/fic: Them playing off on each other’s interests, or maybe some sort of fic on how they ended up together.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: With Equius, it’d be probably Feferi. For Dirk, maybe Jake or Sollux.

My happily ever after for them: They live on a ranch together in the countryside, tending hoofbeasts.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity?: Having a arm wrestling contest.

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I didn't wanna say the obvious homestuck but that's all I can think of... So homestuck :3

Thank you for sending me an ask Kaz (◡‿◡✿)

I drew this special for you in my I’m too lazy to get out of bed and I drew this with my finger on my phone art style.

So since you gave me Homestuck here it is:


My favorite pairing is of course EquiDirk. It’s been my Homestuck OTP for a while now and it probably will be for a while more.

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HOWS ABOUT CANON TROLLS FO A CHANGE EH?! Idek, Equidirk? Fef/Sol/Eri in a three way relationship?

OOOOO SWITCHING IT UP, hella hella hella!

I do in fact have opinions on canon trolls, believe it or not. :o

  • EQUIDIRK: (Equius is my baby and I just, eh. I mean, you do you booboo, but I will respectfully decline.)
  • FEF/SOL/ERI: (FOR VERY PERSONAL REASONS. GOD, THIS FUCKING SHIP. When I was first introduced to ye old hamsteak, it was by somebody I was in a threeway relationship with (well, one of the people) and they both RPed Sollux and Eridan around me ALL THE FUCKING TIME and compared me to Fef, and tried to get me to cosplay her - and while I see the values to all of the characters, and like them all for different reasons in different ways, I. Am no. Feferi. Also the split wasn’t exactly clean, soooooo … You know. old memories, and whatnot. the actual ship in canon, I have a few qualms with in terms of my personal views on how they all are in character - but I think the three of them form a beautiful specimen of an auspisticeship, and ship them that way.)