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7 - what was your life like last year?
pretty shitty tbh! id like to think that ive come a long way… i really feel like i found myself or became more comfy w my identity!! also my mental illnesses have improved a ton
12 - what is something you want right now?
i would like to make someone happy tbh… or maybe make the equestrian show team at my stable :0
16 - have you ever wanted to tell something to somebody, but didnt?
yeah a lot when my mom had #cancer i wanted to tell my friends but i also didnt want to bother them so i ended up not sharing it with a lot of ppl
22 - description of crush? 
this is a tough one bc i usually like more than one person at a time!! theres a girl i really like though she has brown straight hair and shes funny and sweet and beautiful! id really like to date her this year :0
25 - role model?
my role model is and has been regina spektor!! i always listen to her music, her story is so inspiring, + i love to sing and write music as well
31 - 3 random facts
1. i went to thailand this summer! 2. i want to be a pediatric dermatologist or neurologist when i grow up 3. i have a dog + a cat!
41 - relationship status 
single lol tfw no gf
47 - turn ons
hmm…. . well to be a girl or trans or nb.. i love ppl that take the time to get to know me really well bc thats super important to me in a relationship!! also if u smell good and have nice eyes… ah, and im a huge sucker for poetry and music omg good singers are life! what else hm good kisser! thats not totally necessary though lmao and…..#food if u make me food i will love you
48 - turn offs
i dont like facial hair and cis boys sorry not sorry also if you cant take things seriously and are bad at communication its rly hard for me bc communication is a big thing for me… also keeping secrets idk

thanks so much for the questions anon i rly appreciated them

Calling all adventurous equestrians: There’s a unique event coming up that you won’t want to miss.

It’s Manatee River State Park’s Moonlight Trail Ride, and it’s going on Saturday, Sept. 6, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

The group ride takes place on the park’s equestrian trails under the light of the moon. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time in the saddle while also taking a break from the heat of the day.

Little Manatee River State Park is located five miles south of Sun City in southwest Florida. The park has 12 miles of equestrian trails as well as equestrian camping facilities. Besides horseback riding activities, visitors love this park for its hiking trails, camping and paddling opportunities.

If you don’t have your own horse, don’t worry. You can rent a horse through Wolfe’s Born to Ride. Call 941-812-1980 for details.

Meals are available on the night of the ride for $5. The cost to participate in the group ride is $15.

Go to the park’s website for more information about the ride and details on how to register.



I think I’m going to try out for the University of KY equestrian team for the first time in my college career. The thought of showing again kind of makes me anxious but I feel like I should give it a go. It’s been ten years since I last rode in a show and I’m sure some people who could afford to continue will be better at jumping than me but I can walk trot canter on just about anything.

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I went out to my local tack shops to find a new spring cover for Jack (though had no luck, the latest Zilcos aren’t in for a couple more weeks and my locals didn’t have any from last season in the right size) but I still managed to spend about $150, because horses are bottomless money pits as we all know. I found a new white saddle pad which I can use with the half pad that arrived recently I hope (my old ones are too thick, but also too short across the horse’s backs so the saddle overhangs slightly). I also found one lycra antirub vest with a belly strap, because both Jack and Cruise rip the satin ones within days. I’d need to get another one once I figure out if a Full or Cob will suit Cruise best.

MOST EXCITING though I stumbled across a herbal blend of 50/50 chamomile and vervain. It’s recommended for horses with scours and a nervy, sensitive, touchy demeanour, and basically the label sounds like it’s describing Cruise. He has constant mild diarrhoea and is so ticklish it’s ridiculous - if I put my leg too far back, or touch his quarters while riding, he gets annoyed and gives me about three seconds warning before he’ll buck. SO. Maybe this herbal mix will help - I certainly haven’t come across any decent digestive supplements, except for the ones that are aimed at binding toxins for horses prone to staggers, which I’ve never had a problem with. Crossing fingers for some improvement - Cruise will be getting his first feed with it today! 

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Sailor was so perfect today!!! #equestrian #sailor #eventer #jumping #jumper #equitation #hunters #riding #farrpark #brec #horses

Lesson 8/29

I had such a wonderful lesson tonight. The mare and I were spot on. We did some trot work then canter work and everything really went pretty well. There were a couple things here and there in each exercise but we fixed them and moved on to another. We worked on really giving more in the canter and making her hold herself and not speed up. After doing trot and canter work then we leg yields, shoulder in, and head to wall leg yields in the walk. That went pretty well also so my trainer decided to start teaching her haunches in. That went well and I was super proud of her. Then we did like a 5 meter half circle in the corner and did a baby half pass back to the wall. We did that each direction. Then we did a bit more canter and did some shallow broken lines in the canter. I was so incredibly proud of her learning haunches in and baby half pass. I still cannot believe that this mare had never done dressage as of 2 and a half months ago and is now doing baby half pass and quite well also. I could not ask for a better horse. I’m so incredibly proud.

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Equestrian Challenge Day 3

A Video of Your Best Riding

The actual test starts at 2:25. This was our ride of the Intro A test that scored us an 80! Aside from Twi’s spook in one of the corners, the ride went incredibly well, especially since it was her first time ever at a show. We’ve come so far in the past six-ish months, I can’t wait for more!