Headcanon Book sneak peek: Equestria currency designs

Just a little somethin’ I’ve decided to post up for the headcanon book. I’m about 85% finished with the text part of the book and about 50% finished with the imagery part, and because I haven’t really put many images to the sneak peeks I figured this one would work fine.

The very basic “base” design I did for how I view the Equestrian currency. When I say base, I only mean how the colors and shape of the coin will look; I still have to add in the actual designs themselves. I’m pondering on maybe enlisting the help of someone else to assist me in the coin design, but we’ll see. o3o

Anyway, Equestrian currency. To keep it simple for myself, I basically went off of the US Dollar and coin currency system and used it for the Bit system. So in my headcanon, one 1Bit coin = $1 USD. There are three separate “categories” of Bits in Equestria: The “Short” bit, the “Standard” bit, and the “Long” bit.

Short Bits act similarly to our basic coin currency, so it’s basically “one cent, 5 cents, 10 cents” and so on. I’m trying to come up with something they’d say instead of “cents”, (I’m lightly debating on “bites”, but… meh), but I’m thinking “cents” work fine. As for the .50 cent bit coin, I’m thinking that it’s often referred to as the “Half-bit”, since it’s literally half a standard bit’s value and, if put together with another .50 piece, it’ll somewhat make a whole bit in appearance. xD

Standard Bits and Long Bits basically act as our dollar bills, with the Standard Bits being the low-valued bits and the long bits being the higher values. For example, the 50 Bit coin is equivalent to the $50 bill.

And as for the Bit sign (kinda like the dollar sign), I’m thinking that it could maybe look like this:

And finally, I’m planning on having latin words on it that say equitas, concordia, diligere, which means equality, unity, love. Not gonna lie, I used Google Translate for the words, so if you have a better way of saying the words, feel free to tell me. :D

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut yeah. There’s your sortof sneak peek of Equestria currency of my headcanon. Feel free to ask any questions if you’d like, and I hope you guys enjoyed! 8D