This is just a thing for all you Anti-feminists because without feminism women have no rights. If you’re a woman anti-feminist, next time you go to vote for something in your country, don’t because you can’t do that without feminists; if you get married and you want a divorce, tough, you can’t do that without feminists; next time you get an equal pay to a male colleague, turn it down and get a lower pay for the same job, because that’s what would happen without feminism.

Feminism is NOT about women being above men, it is not about women being viewed as BETTER than men, it is about women being EQUAL to men.

This is me and my partner Spider on our recent wedding day (November 7th, 2014) here in Arizona. We have been a couple for nearly 43 years (since 1971). We are no longer the young and attractive couple we once were and Spider has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, but our love endures. I have no idea how much time we have left together, but it is all about living in the moment and each day we have is golden. Here’s wishing all the young gay couples out there much love and happy futures!


What does a girl look like?: a poem I wrote for my American Studies final exam

If the ‘Out of Africa’ theory holds true, then it appears a single race migrated out of Africa that then branched out into geographically isolated populations and races with unique features to each, and finally merged back into a single race with the onset of global exploration beginning in the late fifteenth century.
—  Michael Shermer

The movement for LGBTQ+ rights has primarily focused on marriage equality, the premise seemingly being that granting people within the LGBTQ+ community the right to get married to their partners will signify ultimate equality. But students are seeking to expand the conversation with Harvard’s “In the Making” photo campaign. The campaign tackles various issues LGBTQ+ folks face that aren’t solved by marriage equality, like cissexism, religious intolerance, health care, stereotypes and preconceived notions (“but you can’t be gay if you’re an athlete!”), a severe lack of racial justice and representation, limited narratives in the media, coming out, not coming out…the list goes on and on. 

Marriage equality isn’t a magic wand.