SCIENCE: There was excitement today as NASA announced that Edward Burns was the first dickhead big enough to be visible from space.

"This is amazing news." confirmed Dr. Juan Kerr, Pointless Letters science consultant. "A dickhead big enough and obvious enough to be visible to the crew of the ISS as they pass over. This will redefine our understanding of just how big a dickhead someone can be."

Am I the only one that gets angry when people post or reblog shit about how white people, men and cisgenders being horrible people simply for existing or do the people I follow condone this type of hateful behavior and mindsets? It seems like everytime I log onto this site there’s some discriminating bullshit. It’s not cool to do this to anyone; black,white, women, men etc. Damn, Y’all want real change? Then be the example, stop the hate!

I just think it is important for everyone to know that you’re not obliged to love your family just because you share some genes. If they don’t care about you, if they don’t respect you or if they are directly mean or even violent, don’t feel like you have to keep contact because you have some sort of obligation to do so. You don’t. You can choose your family. You are not stuck.

People who say sexism doesn’t exist in first world countries are kidding themselves. There’s a rumour that I sucked my ex’s dick. I have had rude hurtful comments directed at me ever since, I have been the butt of jokes and insults and made to feel disgusting. Meanwhile, I’ve seen him get congratulated. Sexism does exist in first world countries, though it is not as bad as some third world countries countries (note I say SOME, not all) it still exists. So to all you people who say sexism doesn’t exist in first world countries: fuck off.