You say, “Everyone deserves to be equal,” yet you don’t realize…
There is such a thing as skinny-shaming.
There is such a thing as racism against whites.
There is such a thing as sexism against men.
Don’t rely on breaking some down to build others up.
—  I Am An Equalist // Cicatrice

KKK declares war on Anonymous activists protesting in Ferguson

After gym class a friend of mine start talking about gender roles
  • Girl:Boys should never wear pink, its a girl color.
  • Me:There is no such things as boy colors and girl colors.
  • Girl:Yes there is, if a boy wears pink it obviously means he's gay.
  • Me:No it does not!
  • Girl:Calm down, no need to get your knickers in a twist.
  • Me:I will not calm down! Do you not remember that I'm queer, or how offensive that is to me?
  • Girl:Who cares!
  • Me:Exactly, who cares whether a boy wants wear pink or blue! Who cares if a boy likes playing with dolls, or playing dress up. Who cares if a girl wants to play with bugs, or roll around in dirt. Our gender does not define our actions, we do. Gender roles can kiss my little Scandinavian ass.