Please share everything about what’s happening in Mexico, remember how we were supporting you with Ferguson, 9/11, etc. What if this 43 students were american? you would be causing a riot just because we’re Mexicans it doesn’t mean we aren’t worth it. Please share!

If life gives you homophobic lemons, make lemonade to share with your LGBTQ friends.

Anonymous** submitted: 

[our museum]…had a temporary security guard tell two (exceedingly polite) lesbians they could not hold hands in an exhibit dedicated to Gertrude Stein for no apparent reason, forcing the museum to issue a press release stating that “The Museum in fact does NOT have a policy against holding hands or gay people or gay people holding hands.”


The best thing about it was having a public “Hand Holding Day” where we passed out stickers that said “Hold hands, not the artwork.”


Ed:  Normally I leave museum names out of these stories, but since it takes all of 3 internet detective seconds for anyone with google to figure it out, here’s a link to the original story. This happened a couple of years ago, before we started this blog, but I vaguely remember hearing about it. What I didn’t know about was how the museum responded. I think this is a fantastic way to address an unfortunate incident like this. Don’t try to over-apologize it away. Don’t try to pretend it never happened. Admit that it did, and embrace the opportunity to create an inclusive community event with a positive, tangible take-away message. Nice job, guys. 


** To the submitter - I wasn’t sure if you were OK with me using your handle, so I anonymized your story. Tumblr messaging is whack so ping me if you want me to edit the post to include your handle or name. 

Ignorance breeds fear.
Fear breeds hate.
Hate breeds violence.

In honor and remembrance of all those who have been lost to #Transphobia, to those who live in fear of going out in public, to those who are made to feel less than, feel shame, and to those who are fighting for #Transrights, #Transvisibility. I urge you to seek out the tragic stories of these six people… All victims of Transphobia. Pay close attention to the small details… In many of the articles, the journalists continue to refer to them by their original sex not the sex they live and identify by, they use their birth names, they refer to them as “he’s” or “she’s” and not how they preferred to be refer to. Also, notice that most of them are black. That’s because the hate crimes towards Black trans people is much higher than in any other race. Search for answers, search for a perspective… Search for acceptance and rights. In the end we’re all a part of the #LGBTQ world… And it’s a special and magical world… And we should take care of each other and stand up for each other… Because who else is going to do it? #tdor #trans #transgenderdayofrememberance #transpride #equality #lgbtnews #lgbtqnews #humanrights #protest #lesbihonest #lesbianproblems #lgbt #queer #gay #lesbianlove

Not Ok.

So I was talking with this guy I like, and btw he’s always a really nice guy.


He asked me what my fav band was, and I told him BVB, and the apparently searched them up, and say how they looked like.

First text: They look like girls.

Now I was a little upset, and we kept on talking about them, but then he decides to use God against me.

I am Christian, but he is hardcore Christian.

So he texts me this: 

"how do u survive listening to music that turns ur eyes away from God? those who say they are christian but do not show it are hypocrites, and will be judge accordingly"

and other things like “so ur ready to give ur life to eternal torment in exchange for ur music?”

(yes he actually said these things it’s like he’s the fucking bible)

And at this point I was like ‘total bullshit’. Just because I like a type of music does not determine how faithful I am to God. Yes, I swear and listen to what society deems as ‘emo’ music, but that does not fucking mean I am a bad person.

This is the reason why I hate sharing what I like

because people will judge me

and this is not the first time this has happened, and certainly not the worst.

To be honest, I will not give one shit if you listen to Justin Bieber or One Direction. I will decide if I like you based on your personality.

Too many people judge based on the things you like.

And it’s not ok.

This needs to stop.