I made this because as a Transgender person i am angry.

The couple look happy, they look like they are in a healthy relationship and are more then capable of being good parents. 

 YET LOOK AT THESE TRANSPHOBES. JUST LOOK. the world does not revolve around YOUR lifestyle. With this attitude we will never achieve anything. We will never get anywhere.We will never have peace. 

I can’t believe these people believe that they are the only beings who are allowed to be happy and have a fucking family. Spread this around. Let the world know about the abuse transgenders and non binaries undergo and how they NEVER get attention. 

Being blind to race isn't an example of privilege so shut the hell up.

White privilege is a joke you guys.
Just like not all blacks are thugs, not all Asians are smart, whatever whatever, not all whites are privileged. Take a look at my fucking real life.
And when I decide if I like someone or if i hate them, I don’t see skin color, I see personality, I see self worth or lack of, I see what kind of person you are inside bc idgaf what shade of human being you are.

Men, of course, aren’t the only ones who can be personally sexist. Certainly, some women dislike men, judge them on the basis of stereotypes, hold prejudiced attitudes toward them, objectify them sexually, consider them inferior, and even discriminate against them socially or professionally. We must keep in mind, though, that male sexism occupies a very different place in society from female sexism. The historical balance of power in patriarchal societies has allowed men as a group to subordinate women socially and sometimes legally to protect male interests and privileges. Because men dominate society, their sexism has more cultural legitimacy, is more likely to be reflected in social institutions, and has more serious consequences than women’s sexism.

David M. Newman

(“Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life” 9th Ed.)

Dear Tumblr

What happened, Tumblr? You used to be cool. Tumblr was like a liberal paradise, where equality and happiness were law and everyone got along. There was an almost Woodstockian atmosphere. The outcasts and the weirdos had suddenly found a platform to express their ideas and it was awesome. But Tumblr has mutated into a vehicle of hate. It no longer feels safe and friendly.

I’ve noticed Tumblr has a strange way of dealing with words. ‘Feminism’, for example, has been given so many different definitions that it’s lost it’s meaning completely. A year ago I’d identify as a ‘feminist’ without hesitation. But since then I’ve seen people claim that I can’t be a feminist on the grounds that I’m a man. I’ve seen people say that heterosexual women can’t be feminists. I’ve seen people claim that feminism is the belief that all men are sexist by default.

I once saw a considerably popular post by a notorious transgender blog which simply said: “bully all cis people”. I’ve seen feminists blogs putting out horrendously mean and cruel homophobic and transphobic posts.

The word “feminism” no longer has any meaning. People have taken it and morphed it to fit their own needs, to the point where what was once an incredibly important societal ideology is now just a collection of letters and an excuse to spread hate.

Tumblr, I still love you, I always will, but you have to get your act together. You’ve turned into a bunch of petty, pseudo-intellectual, bigoted bullies and some of you are no worse than the people you oppose.

Yours very sincerely, Ned.

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