26 Million People Change Profile Pictures With Facebook’s Rainbow Pride Filter

“As anyone with a Facebook account can attest to, this weekend saw rainbows sweep across the social media site. In honor of Pride, and in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, Facebook developed a program to allow users to quickly and easily add a rainbow filter to their profile images. Originally created by two interns, the company saw the concept’s promise and streamlined the process.

The reaction was nothing short of viral, with more than 26 million people across the world turning their profiles into visible statements of LGBT pride and support. So far the photos received more than half a billion likes and comments, and the momentum shows no sign of slowing down.”

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WTF IS THIS POST!!! Since when are straight people the victims? You don’t need Pride if you’re the majority

anonymous asked:

I need feminism because the man who molested me was drunk and therefore I have been told that he shouldn't be blamed or held accountable, and that it wasn't his fault and he didn't mean to. And the sad thing is that if I had been the one who was drunk people still wouldn't believe that he should have been held accountable.

Thanks for sharing this with us! Your story truly does mean a lot and I hope you have a good support system to help. <3

-The Daily Feminist 

I can’t wait for the day, when I don’t have to keep my sheild up. When I’m not always ready for a fight. When I don’t have to defend and explain my sexuality to anyone. When I can tell you I’m gay and don’t have to face the follow up questions about how I can know without having had sex with a man. When I don’t have to hear you make jokes about how I have to sleep with you to know I’m sure. When I don’t have to be scared.