childofloki said:

So, I just recently started following you but I have to ask, what is your opinion on strip clubs? I was recently berated by a friend who claims to be a feminist about being a bouncer at one so I got curious when I noticed that your an equalitist

I’m not an equalist; I’m a feminist.

I don’t have a problem with strip clubs. I don’t like the commodification of women’s bodies, but the women who work at these clubs are trying to earn a living and deserve our respect. There’s nothing wrong or un-feminist about what they do; I just wish men weren’t such creeps about it.

I am an ‘equalitist”. What does that mean? Well, I believe in equality; between genders, race, sexual orientation, you name it. I think of people as individuals, I don’t think a person should be treated any less due to how they were born or what their heart tells them. So why do I get mad at feminists sometimes? Well, feminism is great, equality between genders; preach it baby! However, when I see arguments or statements that have been made with no knowledge, that are outright stupid, then I get mad. It makes me understand why some people bash on feminism and I can tell you right now, NOBODY thinks the idea of feminism is bad at all, nobody sane that is. However people bash on feminism, due to the ignorance and stupidity of some of the arguments.

So do me, yourself, and everybody a favour. Realise that, men are not brought on this earth to be superior and make women feel like crap. Also, women are not brought on this earth to be superior and make men feel like crap. If somebody feels that way, that’s their problem and we are all here to fight against just those people! We men stand next to you women, and I’m certain that you women stand next to us men; to fight gender inequality. But do it fairly. Don’t throw dirt on the name of men and don’t throw dirt on the name of women. We should be proud of whether we are male or female, but that shouldn’t and certainly doesn’t mean that the other gender should feel offended. That’s all there is to it really. Preach gender equality, preach race equality, preach equality in its whole.

However, please realise that some people, including myself, get offended and sad when I read men-hating comments and I can only imagine women get the same feeling when they read or hear women-hating comments. I don’t think females ASK for rape when they wear revealing clothing, I don’t think it’s fair that males and females don’t get the same amount of money for the same profession. I don’t think it’s fair that a male or female don’t get hired for a job they are perfectly fit for, due to their gender. I don’t think it’s fair that men that have domestic violence problems don’t get as much attention as women do. However I don’t think it’s unfair that women have to buy tampons/pads. I don’t think it is unfair that men can’t wear skirts, I don’t think it’s unfair that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

I am proud to be born a male, but I would have been equally as proud to be born a female.

Dad: you’re not a feminist.
Me: I think you’ll find I am.
Dad: no, you’re an equalitist. You are for equality.
Me:… That’s what feminism is. Equal treatment.
Dad: nah, it’s about female superiority, especially the manic ones. They just want to rule over men.

This viewpoint really needs to change.

This is a response to a comment made on this video about feminism. The comment reads I’m an equalitist not a feminist… Kinda the same thing butttttt…. It doesn’t just focus on the FEM in it,” and was posted by Victoria Hunter.

This is terrifying to me, and as soon as I saw it I thought back to learning about the role of women in ancient Greece while reading the Odyssey last year in my Lit class. Essentially, the Greeks believed that any women who did not conform to the cookie-cutter standards of their society (attractive, musically talented, faithful, obedient, possessing exemplary weaving skills, a willing sexual object) was literally a monster. She was an obstacle to be overcome, a terror to be conquered. That was when it hit me that we haven’t changed a bit.

Our society is so entrenched in the mindset that women belong in this cookie-cutter that we fear the possibility that women could ever break free. We demonize those that even try. We fear the FEM in feminism because Dear God, how can you even suggest that women be raised up to the same level as men?? Has it still not been made clear at this point that that is the point of feminism? Has it not been made clear that one of the biggest problems in our society that nearly half the people in it see the other half as not only inherently inferior, but as objects? The fall of Ancient Greece began to fall in 146 BC. That’s 2,160 years ago! Why on Earth are we still following their rules?

Please, do not conform to this millenniums-old mindset by fearing the FEM in feminism. The FEM is beautiful and hopeful and necessary. It is a shout out into a void of old traditions and old fears. If we only get one shout into this void, let it be the FEM, but if we get any more, I’d use them to say this:

I am a feminist because I have been taught since birth that I should be the mindless princess, the damsel in distress. I am a feminist because I was sexually harassed throughout 8th grade, and I took it as a compliment. I am a feminist because I can’t watch TV without seeing women objectified; I don’t watch much TV anymore. I am a feminist because when I told my mother what I was, she scoffed and asked what we’re still fighting for

We are fighting a battle that began before any of the ones the history books teach us about. We are fighting against fear, injustice, and inequality. We stand for every individual of the 1 in 6 who are raped, the nearly 100% who are sexually harassed. We stand for the voices that have been silenced by this oppressive culture and the people who have not yet found their voices. We are fighting for a world in which a little girl can go out into the world knowing that she is not an object, but has the potential to be a hero. We are fighting for a world where sexual harassment isn’t seen as a compliment and women’s bodies aren’t used to advertize the desirability of a product. We are fighting for the end of the fear of FEM.

Thank you to every person who has always known this, for you are angels. Thank you to every person who has had this reality thrust upon them, for you are survivors. Thank you especially to every person who has forced themselves to change their ways, because you are giants

…and together, we can still fight to change the world. Why not?

Here's a crazy idea kids.

Maybe some philosophies are not exclusive of one another. Maybe you can support one cause, while still believing and helping another. The issues will not lose importance or meaning.

E.G. Maybe you can be “equalitist” AND feminist, without hindering either movement. The world will not implode or anything I swear.