Hinata grows up to be the head of the Hyuuga clan.

[tw: mentions of (past canon) child abuse]

After the war she finds it less scary to confront her father about the way he has treated her, and besides a long overdue apology, that’s one of the things that comes out of that. Hinata is strong, both as a ninja and as a person, and she is wise and kind and more than qualified for an active role in shaping a better future. Finally without any buts, Hiashi admits both this and that as fond of tradition as the clan is, there is much room for change, too.

One of the first changes Hinata brings about is making Neji her equal and ending the division to main and branch families for good. She is so glad her brother survived the war. A brother is what she has always considered him, too, which Neji didn’t let himself appreciate while still misguidedly considering her an enemy, but the fact is that for as long as he has been out about his gender, she has made a point in this way to refer to him by it. She understands well the importance, after all, from her own experience. They have supported each other in their shared struggles including training, battle, and transition, and will continue to have each other’s backs while looking after the clan together.

Hanabi couldn’t be happier about this. Both because her siblings are getting the recognition they deserve and she always hated her own accomplishments being used as a weapon against people she loves and respects, and because being a leader was never something she wanted for her own life. She prefers the type of responsibility she has as one of the 6th Hokages’ - Naruto and Sakura’s - bodyguards. She doesn’t much care for being the center of attention, except for attention from her girlfriend.


Hinata never has any biological or formally adopted children, and doesn’t want any. She is plenty of inspiration for the younger generation, though, and especially for Himawari, who views her as a bit of a mother figure, like Hinata was and continues to be inspired by her teacher/mother figure, Kurenai.


New York Forbids Wedding Venues From Discriminating Against Same-Sex Couples

New York Forbids Wedding Venues From Discriminating Against Same-Sex Couples

In October of 2012, Jennifer and Melissa McCarthy approached Liberty Ridge Farm to host their wedding. However, the owners of the venue, Cynthia and Robert Gifford, refused to host the event, citing their religious views. While conservative religious groups have insisted that the Giffords are well within their rights to refuse services based upon religious liberties, New York State law says…

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anonymous asked:


If you want to get married I need to know the following things:

1) Do you snore (this is a deal-breaker)

2) Do you like puppies + kitty cats

3) Are you interested in raising the children with a feminist predisposition and equal division of household tasks as well as mutual support for careers and other interests

4) Do you like X-Men and/or are you interested in learning about X-Men (shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but probably is)


I wanna lay this down for all my Irish peeps.

This month is Check the Register month. In case you don’t know, next year we will have a referendum on Marriage Equality and our lovely LGBT+ friends need our help. Yes I say ‘our’ because this includes you. 

I suppose its true to say that our lovely country is slightly backwards. We welcome people from foreign lands onto our shores every day and I think we are known for our friendly banter. Yet, we are failing to look after our own. Denying the right for people to express their love and protect their families. Every family is different, but it’s the same love.

Many of us bury our heads in the sand when there is a big decision to be made or something to be done. We make excuses that it doesn’t concern us or someone else will take care of it.  I’ve heard people saying that they wont bother voting or wont bother registering because ‘the referendum will definitely go through’…. but, this can only be a reality if everyone, you, cast their vote.

 This is a chance for us to relinquish the shackles of our past, a past filled with pain and hurt, division and inequality. How many times have we complained about our Government? About their inability to make a decision that might actually have a positive impact on our struggling society?

This a chance to unite a divided Ireland. This is a chance for people to stand up and fight for what’s right. A chance the extend the hand of kindness and friendship. A chance to create a more accepting Ireland. 

This is a chance for us to become proud of this little country again. Its time we stuck it to our indifferent Government and scream ‘this is what we want! EQUALITY!’ 

This is our chance, our time and our decision. We are the future of our country. Let’s work together to take sure it’s a bright one and one full of endless possibilities. 



If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to vote you can Check the Register here: https://www.checktheregister.ie/PublicPages/Default.aspx?uiLang

You can also download a form to register from YesEquality here: http://www.yesequality.ie/register/

And be sure to  like YesEquality on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yesequality?fref=ts

This video was brought to you by BelongTo Youth Services.

The issue of division is equally sticky. Tackling an already divisive novel with the divisive decision (see The Hobbit, Deathly Hallows) to divide it into two movies, the third and fourth Games films raise a question: how many divisions can a story take without collapsing?


Part 1 holds up, mostly, with Jennifer Lawrence doing some proper heavy lifting.

Someone asked about Buttercup (I think):

But J-Law tugs us in to Katniss’ fraught humanity, invoking memories of Aliens’ harrowed Ripley as she wakes from troubled sleep in District 13’s rebel base. (And yes, the ginger cat is here.) These layers of trepidation firm up Katniss’ position as a reluctant hero we can engage with, not a superhero: qualities rare enough in some A fiction, let alone YA fiction.

Oof, though (the comments about Effie’s role are actually more biting though):

The vote’s still out (and probably out for good) on the narrative value of Gale’s charisma vacuum, though less is more for Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta. Seen largely through ambiguous TV broadcasts, his arc ranges smartly from turn-coat interviews with Stanley Tucci’s Capitol creep Caesar to well-administered shocks.

In sum:


Katniss arms up… against anyone expecting diminishing returns from a four-part trilogy. With measure and muscle, Lawrences Jennifer and Francis nail the job of selling the long, twisting road towards revolution.

astrology dwell

The signs are the Energy Flavors of the chart. They can be spun from two dimensions…
cardinal, fixed, mutable
fire earth air water
Spun from these combinations are the twelve sources of translations of solar energy we know as the signs.

Seasonal astrology (as opposed to Vedic or Jyotish astrology) marks the signs along equal divisions between the equinox and solstice. So the sign of Aries is where the sun is for the first 1/3 of the time between the spring equinox and summer solstice. (Jyotish attaches them to the literal constellations.) The reason we attach them to the constellations is because we envision them as BEHIND the planets and sun. We see them as a backdrop that the planets place their action in front of. So right now Uranus is in the “sign” of Aries, which means we see the constellation Aries behind it (now, shifted) and feel that it’s transmitting ram-like energies. So we say Uranus In Aries. In reality, what this literally means is that Uranus is in the part of the sky where the sun is in the first 1/3 of the time between the spring equinox and summer solstice! “Aries” is much easier to say…

The planets draw energy out of the personality - they mold the solar energy of the individual. But the solar energy is streaming in from all twelve signs all the time - doesn’t matter whether planets are “activating” a sign or not as to whether that sign is in you. All twelve signs are in you, and they stream in through a grid system that we know as the HOUSES.

As we have a finite amount of time on this insignificant rock,
It follows we should spend a finite amount on certain things.
Following rules of equal division, there’s only a point to experiencing a certain amount of each of Life’s majesties,
Before the rest becomes redundant.

But I’d not see the point 
To seeing blue sky fall behind blue sea,
When I could watch blue eyes fall behind closed lids.

If I could, I’d give up my star time
I’d go to the women’s bathrooms, and the men’s,
And fling it into their palms
And my stars would be your eyes, and my sky would be your mind.

What’s music compared to the way your voice sounds?
When it’s low and slow
With sleep still clinging to it like fog on an autumn morning
What’s an orchestra of birds to your laugh?

Hashtag Poem

God is life, fear, imagery, thoughts

Existence bound by blood, violence

Immortality from innocence

Bleak pop culture philosophy

Society’s Civil War rebellion

Past American identities

Future minority

Knowing equality, forgetting division

Reckless oppression

God is black, bleak, exile, desperation.

My Runescape Staff - Part 2 of 4


To make the side shapes, I started off with cuboids and I put in several loop tools and stretched edges on either side to get the shapes I wanted, to make a point on the end, I selected a face and stretched it all into the middle, I then selected all 4 the vertexes, Edit Mesh > Merge to Centre. Below shows a picture of the lines demonstrating this.



To make the next part, I started off with another cuboid, put in 10 equal divisions by typing the number in at the side in the workspace (I put 10 where it says “Subdivisions width”) and then i joined the left top edge to the bottom left edge to make it flat and same with the right to join the edges together, then I used the move tool to move specific edges to make the shape below. I smoothed object by pressing 3.



The next part is one of the most simplest parts to make as it is a flat cube stretched to make a diamond shape. and placed on top.


I Keep Setting Records - Lionel Messi Is Now The Highest Goal Scorer In La Liga History

I Keep Setting Records – Lionel Messi Is Now The Highest Goal Scorer In La Liga History

Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi has set a new goalscoring record in La Liga thanks to his hat-trick at home to Sevilla on Saturday.

The fleet-footed Argentine struck with a brilliant free-kick in the 22nd minute of the game at Camp Nou to reach 251 goals in the Primera Division, thus equaling the record set by former Athletic Bilbao striker, Telmo Zarra back in 1955, Messi went on to score two…

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Can the Court Force You to Sign Joint Tax Returns in a Divorce Decree?

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently released an opinion after review of a Judgment of Divorce with a doozy of fact pattern. The Defendant-Wife argued (among many other things) that the Trial Court lacked authority to Order her to sign and file amended tax returns as joint with her then-husband.  

The Michigan Court of Appeals beautifully drafted opinion begins on this issue by citing that “Michigan law grants the trial court in a divorce case broad discretion to do equity regarding the disposition of property … ” Well fair reader, marital property includes tax returns. Additionally, tax returns directly affect the preservation (or waste) of other assets of the marital estate. Obviously, any party attempting to manipulate how the assets of the marital estate are used (such as money in a tax return) is also manipulating the court’s ability to equalize division of the marital estate. This certainly seems to assert the trial court does have the right to Order an individual to sign joint tax returns. Otherwise, it would simply be too easy for a vindictive spouse to find yet another creative way to abuse their ex.

And then for the dramatic plot twist. The Court goes on to throw a wrench in the works citing Leftwich v Leftwich, 442 A2d 139 (DC App, 1982), ” …  one of the first courts to hold that in a divorce proceeding a trial court could not override a party’s right to select his or her filing status under the Internal Revenue Code … ” Well crap, why not? First of all, it would apparently nullify the right of election extended to married taxpayers by the IRS. Quoting Leftwich, “Such a right is not inconsequential; its exercise affects potential criminal and/or civil liabilities of taxpayers … Married individuals filing a joint return expose themselves to joint and several liability for any fraudulent or erroneous aspect of the return.” Okay, good point. 

Would the Court be left between a rock and hard place? We certainly do not want to allow people to manipulate the distribution of the marital estate. On the other hand, it would be a violation of rights to force a person to sign on to liability for a fraud or error that wasn’t their doing. Fortunately, you can’t keep a good court down.

Doubling back, the court opines further into the broad discretion granted by law to do equity in the distribution of the marital estate. Equity can be done while protecting rights granted by the IRS. Instead of forcing the filing of joint tax returns, simply remedy any tax disadvantage that results from filing individually by equitably adjusting the distribution of other marital property. Meaning, no, the State of Michigan Trial Courts cannot force you to sign a joint tax return. However, if refusing to sign a joint tax return is going to cost the marital estate - it’s going to be held against you and the Trial Court does have the discretion to grant you less martial property in the final distribution. Very nice Michigan. 

So what is the moral of the story? Careful what you wish for? Being right isn’t everything? How about this: use your time, energy and resources to work for the good and not toward a goal of hurting or punishing another. 

*Note this decision was made by the State of Michigan Court of Appeals exclusively for application in the State of Michigan. This blog is for discussion and entertainment purposes only and is not legal advice.     


Sex between males and females in Sweden will no longer be legal from next year.

The ban on sex will replace current guidelines which permit the act providing females give a conditional written permission, a permission which could be withdrawn at any point in the future.

“The government is now toughening sexual equality laws so that there is no doubt that it’s prohibited to abuse females,” Gender Equality Minister Eskil Erlandsson announced in a statement. “Our extensive research showed that sex is an outdated primal activity which has no place in today’s modern world. It no longer supports the messages of equal division of roles and responsibilities assigned to the male and female genders that we desire to send to children in modern Swedish society. Instead, the only allowed and approved form of intercourse starting from next year will be the one between members of the same sex, which in its nature is a lot more egalitarian and environmentally sustainable, as well as being less offensive to feminists and other gender equality pressure groups ”.

Kajsa Wahlberg of the Gender Equality and Neofeminism movement who long campaigned for this measure remembers well the reaction when she started the efforts to introduce Sweden's now-famous laws criminalising  sex. “It had enormous interest. People were laughing in 2013 at Sweden and saying it can't be done. A British police officer told me, 'You're crazy sweetie, you can't do that, you cannot prohibit men from having sex, it's totally impossible.' But he said if you can reduce the amount of pregnancies with your legislation I wish you good luck, because in Britain it's grown out of proportion.”

 A report by a Swedish academic says that by tackling both supply and demand, Sweden provides some of the best protection to women who have traditionally been placed in more passive and subjected roles of being penetrated and violated by “these barbaric acts”, as described by Marta C Johansson.  "There is more that could be done, for example when it comes to implementation there are big gaps in the legislation, but it seems that in Sweden we have much lower levels of women wearing typified female clothes than other countries and the cold climate is probably one of the main reasons,” says the author of a five-nation study called Still Neglecting the Demand That Fuels Human Intercourse.

Simon Haggstrom, an officer in the sexual prevention unit of Stockholm police, is on the frontline of this push to stop people from meeting for sex. “My job is to arrest as many people meeting for sex as possible and I think I will have arrested about 1000 offenders on the post-midnight part of the New Year eve festivities, immediately following the introduction of this measure. Partygoers should know that they are taking a huge risk: they are considering going out into the central parts of Stockholm actually violating the rights of another human being. We will go after them.”

Hashtag Poem

God is life, fear, thoughts
Existence bound by blood, violence
Immortality from innocence
Bleak pop culture philosophy
Society’s Civil War rebellion
Past American Identities
Future minority, knowing equality
forgetting division
Reckless oppression
God is black, bleak, exile, desperation.

Refelection (Writing Proofs)

I learned that in writing proofs, the Properties of Equality and Congruence are used as bases for reasoning. There are about Nine Properties which are 1.Addition Property Of Equality 2.Subtraction Property of Equality 3.Multiplication Property of Equality  4.Division Property of Equality 5. Substitution Property of Equality 6. Distributive Property 7. Reflexive Property 8.Symmetric Property and lastly, 9. Transitive Property. There are also 3 properties of congruence which are 1.Reflexive Property 2. Symmetric Property and 3. Transitive Property. 


A PROOF is a logical argument in which each statement is supported / justified by given information, definiotions, axioms,theorems and previously proven statements.

I also remembered that a POSTULATE is is a statement that is accepted without proof while a THEOREM is a statement accepted after it was proved deductively.

A Proof can alse be written in different ways. It can be in a PARAGRAPH FORM, TWO-COLUMN FORM, and FLOW CHART FORM.

There is also another kind of Proof which is the INDIRECT PROOF. It is a method of reasoning usually written in paragraph form.The Opposite of the statement to be proven is assumed true until the assumption leads to a contradiction

In this disccussion, all I learned was about PROOFS.