Here’s a list of reasons I’m a feminist, but the subject is up for debate if you will give logical reasons behind your beliefs. I’m always open to change if it makes me a better person. These are my beliefs and I call it feminism, but what I call it is irrelevant. Look at the beliefs and what I’m fighting for, because that’s what matters, not the label I slap on it.

1.) The very first reason is because sexism still exists. That is my goal, to destroy it.

2.) Because it is disturbing that breasts, intended for feeding hungry, crying infants, are so sexualized that people can’t even use them for that without being shamed, especially in public.

3.) Because a guy can’t walk down the road in a dress and feel safe at the same time.

4.) Because girls are sent home from school, denied their education, because the school assumes their bodies are so distracting that a boy can’t focus.

5.) Acid attacks.

6.) Men who are raped by women are laughed at and told they should’ve laid back and enjoyed it.

7.) Objectification of the female body.

8.) Boys who display “feminine” traits are shamed or forced, even by their parents, to change who they are.

9.) Because boys constantly feel the need to prove their masculinity.

10.) Because of online sexual harassment.

11.) Gendered marketing, or marketing targeting genders. These are the commercials you see of girls playing with the pink and purple dolls and kitchen sets, while boys play with the trains and cars.

12.) Gender roles. If you don’t notice this, you aren’t even looking. It’s very clear that certain roles are assigned based on gender.

13.) “Are you sure? That’s a girl color, son. That’s for girls,” or, “Boys will be boys.”

14.) The fact that an entire personality is already made up by parents for their child the moment they know the sex. Do you not notice this? If the child is a girl, the room is decorated in soft colors, pastels, usually pinks and purples. Toys are limited to dolls and princess dresses. If it’s a boy, solid blues, greens, and reds! Firetrucks, hammers, screwdrivers, and helmets! This seriously limits their development, also. Boys can’t play with dolls or dresses, nor can girls play with work benches and firetrucks. Sexist.

15.) Double standards everywhere. Everywhere. Also, femmephobia. It’s getting to where even girls don’t want to display feminine traits because they’re seen as inferior.

16.) Slut shaming in women.

17.) Virgin shaming in men.

18.) Body shaming of both sexes.

19.) Because men who have been in an abusive relationship are commonly ignored and/or laughed at.

20.) Penis size shaming.

21.) Breast size shaming.

There’s more, but I can’t think of them at the moment. All I’m saying is all the things I’m fighting for are valid social issues that need to be stopped before they harm more people. What I call it is irrelevant. Feminism, egalitarianism, gender-equalism, humanism, whatever. I don’t care.

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Aradia, can I ask for some advice? I'm trying to decide between two things. One thing is really important to my family, and the other is really important to my friends. They both happen on the same day, sooooo you see the problem. Mind telling me what you do when you have to decide between two things?

well im not a therapist or anything but

i would probably make a list of the pros and cons to each event

or try and find a way to divide time equally for the both of them

family and friends are very important!

It is something really freaking serious and really freaking important for two enemies to come together in harmony and peace … To tie two colors to make one color to make a change… I feel like I’ve already said this before but it was in a dream.

Thoughts from Telle. Source of wording : suchahippiexvKO

I am angry, oh and so very much.
Why wouldn’t I be?
First, look around at the world.
It’s the 21st century but women are still being denied certain rights.
8 year old girls are being forced to marry 50 year old men, who manage to kill the girl that very wedding night. His excuse? He needed to fulfill his uncontrollable lust.
It’s the 21st century but girls are denied higher education because they are more valuable in the house, giving birth to children, or cooking.
It’s the 21st century, but the atmosphere of the house in which a baby girl is born is gloomier than a funeral home.
And then she is slaughtered.
The day old baby, who can’t even lift her head yet, who can’t even properly breathe yet, is coldly murdered.
It has been 95 years since women achieved their right to vote, yet women are still being paid less than men, and I would very much like to know why.
Is it because you think women are fragile, incapable beings?
I am sorry, but if I just knee you in your crotch right now, you will be the one curled up, weeping for your mommy.
Who’s the fragile, incapable being now?  

I am Angry. I am Furious,
That women are so afraid to walk home alone at night, that they have to carry around a lethal weapon,
That in every rape case, the girl, the prey, is blamed and the rapist walks away free, ready to ruin another girl’s life.
Also, have you heard the reasons given to not have a female president?
OH, you are going to love this:
“Since she’s a woman, she menstruates and goes through PMS which is going to affect her decisions and that is going to break our country.”
For your information Kind Sir, Hillary Clinton is currently celebrating her 67th year on this disgusting world.
Women stop menstruating at 50 years old.
Please go take a goddamn biology class.

I am angry, I am furious, I am enraged,
That the word “Meninist” even exists,
That people like this are actually walking this earth.
That boys are given free condoms, but females are being charged more for our necessary feminine and sanitary items.

I am Angry. I am Furious. I am Enraged. I am Wrathful,

That I have to live in such a revolting era.

—  darknightwanderings