I just had the best two days.

Okay, so I decided to go over to my moirail’s yesterday.


I bloody love her. :I She is one of the best people I have had the privilege to know. Honest to god, I’d do anything for this girl. Her home is like a second home to me now.

She also got me the best present I could ask for. A bag with Karkat and Equius on it, ARGH! I love this bag. My OTP forever. Not only that, SHE SPENT HOURS PAINTING IT HERSELF. I love personalised stuff. ;~; I love it so much. This will be my bag forever, and even when it breaks I will just hang it on my wall. She’s even going to add more for my Birthday. ;w; <3 <> 

Also, last night she painted me up as Gamzee because we found a wig that we could make into Gamzee. :I Then random cosplay photos started and she dressed as Casimiro. She is a beautiful Cas, though I just kept photo bombing her as Gamzee when she tried to do her ask blog. 8D

Aaa, fffuuu- I love this girl, because of her I have met the most awesome people in my life, people I can actually trust.
I can’t wait for tomorrow, I shall be off to Derby to hang with this special people, for New Years, spending six whole days with these beautiful people. <3
And spending six whole days in Emma’s shoes :I Literally sitting in them. FEELINGS JAM IN THE SHOE PILE ANYONE? <3