Bullshit statements

Men can’t get raped.

Only white people can be racist.

All Christians hate gay people

All gay people hate Christians.

All black people drink 40s, eat fried chicken, and rap.

Blondes are dumb.

White men can’t jump.

Red heads are sluts.

All gamers are virgins.

Girls suck at sports.

Men don’t understand emotions.

Men who wear pink are gay

Men who watch chick flicks are gay.

Old people smell funny.

Black people can’t be racist.

You can use a racial slur so long as one person of that race says it’s ok.

Nigga, nigger is a term of endearment.

All gay people are flaming divas with high pitch voices who work as hair dressers or fashion designers.

Women who wear skimpy clothing want to be raped.

Gay people always wanna gossip.
Super skinny girls are twigs and therefore not beautiful.

Irish are drunks.

If a girl is bitchy she must be having her monthlies.

Girls can’t fight.

White people can’t dance.

Men can’t experience sexism.

Women can’t be abusers

Fat people are overeating lazy blobs.

White people can’t experience racism

Fat men/women can’t be sexy

All these statments are completely and total bullshit. However, there are lots of people who believe them to be true, especially on tumblr. So my dear peers none of these statements are true and only the ignorant believe these things to be true. Don’t let people like this affect or change you.

what if we switched the word "girl" with "boy"?

wow boys literally look SO bad with no makeup on ew I hate boys that don’t wear makeup like cover that it you’re UGLY!!!!

um cover up boys geez that’s so slutty of you! walking around with no top… honestly put some REAL clothes on we don’t want to see that shit!

wow that boy is so moody today… what a BITCH!! you must be on your period right? gosh just calm down and stop whining wow it’s annoying…

White people say, “well we aren’t the ones who killed the majority of the native Americans and took their land. We didn’t enslave blacks and kill them and enforce racism. We didn’t take the Mexican land and kill them. We aren’t the ones that oppressed every known race on this planet that wasn’t white European. That was our ancestors. They did all those horrible things.”


Your white ancestors aren’t the ones making the choice to hold on to the racism and oppression. Your white ancestors don’t have that decision that can create equality for all. You have that choice. Is 2014, and very little has changed. The only thing that has changed is that racism and the oppression of non whites have became more professional. So since you have not decided to make that choice of equality, you are no better than your white ancestors who created this cruelty.

Section 5 appears to have worked just as intended, enabling the greatest gains in minority representation in precisely those places where blacks had the most ground to make up. The question now – and the one raised by the Supreme Court decision – is whether those gains have been complete. Or, as the authors pose it in the title of their paper, ‘Are we there yet?’

This is one of my absolute favorite shots of Dr Rev Martin Luther King Jr. It brings together the Jewish Community with the African American Community both struggling for Civil Rights. On the left is Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and in the center Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath. Both incredibly important Rabbis who were working to make this world and this country a more beautiful place.

In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was drafted in a Conference Room in the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism by leaders within the Jewish and African American Communities.

One of my favorite quotes from Dr. King (and is incredibly fitting) is “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Let’s live the dream!