If you’ve self-published your book and are seeking a literary agent, you’re not alone. These days countless authors are taking the “publish first” approach to getting a book deal. Sometimes this method can lead to a traditional publishing deal. But other times, self-publishing before querying literary agents can make the query process a bit more complicated.

Here are our tips for writing a query letter if you have self-published your book (oh, and by the way, Writer’s Relief DOES help authors target self-published books to literary agents). We often help authors work through the tough decisions needed to make a strong pitch for a self-published book.

The discussion over publisher-removed articles is of course a discussion over the reliability of archives. We are accustomed to being able to go back to published material long after the fact and to find a stable and accurate record of what was said. Traditionally, libraries have been the guarantors of this process: Preserving many copies, with no legal liability for the content (or at least less than the publisher might have), and with an institutional commitment to permanence and preservation. The “vanishing act” discussion highlights a feature of unreliability of e-archives that depends (1) on the physical malleability of the record and (2) on the slightly lower commitment to full preservation that a publisher might have. It is disturbing, because it is the tip of the iceberg, I think: If for fairly transient reasons, publishers will pull articles, when might not publishers prove unreliable for other reasons?

But the question that follows on this discussion for me is this: If we were to ask that not publishers but authors be the guarantors of permanence, self-publishing or publishing in institutional repositories where the author retains control over the copyright and disposition of his/her material — what protection do we then have to assure us that articles will remain archived, unchanged, in perpetuity? Are there articles I have written that I wouldn’t mind disappearing? Actually, yes. Are there pieces of articles that I would quietly change if I could? Well, interesting thought, sure.

Is it important that the record abide? Then should not all discussions of e-publishing for scholarly purposes include a discussion of preservation that includes not only the physical vulnerability of the media but their psychosocial vulnerability? What guarantors other than libraries do we realistically have?

—  Jim O’Donnell, via email to Liblicense, excerpted in “What is a library anymore, anyway?”
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Today is the day it all gets real for me. I’ve finished my novel, which I’ve tentatively titled The Lost King. I can’t believe that I’ve actually finished. I started working on this back when I was still working toward my BA at SFSU. I excited and terrified about what I am about to do next. I’ve have decided that I’m going to e-publish instead of going the traditional route. I’ll be posting through out this whole process. Cross your fingers for me.

The best investment a writer can make is a great editor

For anyone considering self-publishing an eBook or traditional format book or for any authors getting ready to send those queries off to agencies and publishers with bated breath, I am now offering editorial services. One of the most important steps in getting a manuscript ready for publication is a thorough, professional edit.

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So we have a very simple technique: You focus on the breath. Be alert and mindful, and stay with the basic technique. When you do that over and over again, the things that are going to come up in the mind will come up, bit by bit, revealing themselves at their own pace.

This is where patience comes into the practice. There are some issues you’d like to have dealt with right away, but they don’t come up. The mind isn’t ready to handle them. So you just chip away at the basic technique.

—  Undirected Insight, November 23, 1995 - Epublished Dhamma Talks 1 - Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


Meet Amy Butler. Though her life consists of school, friends, and sneaking cigarettes by the forests; no one knew the real her. Nobody knew the monster behind closed doors; unless they wanted to be the next person on her plate.





New Book - The Business of ePublishing 2015 by Pariah S. Burke

The Business of ePublishing 2015 explains in thorough detail what professional publishers, designers, and traditional, independent, and hybrid authors need to know about the world and business of digital publishing in 2015 and beyond. It goes beyond the rhetoric and paranoid proclamations rampant in social media, blogs, and news outlets to provide provable, unbiased insight into the users, devices, formats, and real world economics of ebooks, fixed-layout ebooks, digital textbooks, digital magazines, and more for all levels of publishing—enterprise, small- to medium-sized publishers, indies, and self-publishers.

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17 Days of Irish Literature: Happy St Patrick's Day 2015 from Seanchaí ePublishing

17 Days of Irish Literature: Happy St Patrick’s Day 2015 from Seanchaí ePublishing

We hope you have enjoyed Seanchaí ePublishing celebration of Irish Literature; here is a recap of some of our favourite literary quotes – Have a great day!

Seanchai ePublishing quotes.

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“I had spent my whole life feeling homesick. The only difference between the two of us was that I didn’t know what or where home was.”

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So when you meditate you can’t sit down and say, “Okay, this particular session I’m going to understand this or I’m going to attain that. I’m going to understand dependent co-arising. I’m going to understand my childhood hang-ups.”

That doesn’t get you anywhere. Just tell yourself, “For this breath I’m going to be right here. I’m going to be mindful. I’m going to try to settle down with the breath as well as I can.”

—  Undirected Insight, November 23, 1995 - Epublished Dhamma Talks 1 - Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

“Romanzo di morte, amore, seduzione, fuga, scoperta e resa. […]
Un po’ Lolita, un po’ Wilhelm Meister.”   
La Repubblica

Così scriveva Giuseppe Leonelli nel 2007, all’uscita del mio secondo romanzo, Fuoritempo.

Ora, a distanza di qualche anno e giusto per smentire il proprio stesso titolo, Fuoritempo riemerge con lo stesso incantevole sguardo in copertina ma con un nuovo vestito elettronico, dono di VandA.epublishing.

In altre parole, Fuoritempo è diventato ebook. E in quanto ebook è acquistabile, scaricabile e leggibile sui vostri trabiccoli con pochi affondi di mouse (il primo dei quali sulla copertina) e la modica spesa di 4,99 euro, che come tutti possono vedere sono meno di 5.

Davvero pochi, non credete?, per scoprire quali possibili nessi possano esistere fra un’educazione teatrale e una ninfetta…

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#Irishwriters #day17 #CeceliaAhern #quotes #amreading #amwriting

#Irishwriters #day17 #CeceliaAhern #quotes #amreading #amwriting

It’s here! Day seventeen and the final day of Seanchaí ePublishing’s celebration of Irish Literature – Happy St Patrick’s Day – We bring you the lovely Cecelia Ahern. At aged just twenty-one Ahern wrote her best-selling novel P.S. I love you; it was published in 2004 and sold in over forty-seven countries. It was adapted into a Hollywood smash-hit staring Gerard Butler, Hilary Swank, Lisa Kudrow,…

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