If you’ve self-published your book and are seeking a literary agent, you’re not alone. These days countless authors are taking the “publish first” approach to getting a book deal. Sometimes this method can lead to a traditional publishing deal. But other times, self-publishing before querying literary agents can make the query process a bit more complicated.

Here are our tips for writing a query letter if you have self-published your book (oh, and by the way, Writer’s Relief DOES help authors target self-published books to literary agents). We often help authors work through the tough decisions needed to make a strong pitch for a self-published book.

The discussion over publisher-removed articles is of course a discussion over the reliability of archives. We are accustomed to being able to go back to published material long after the fact and to find a stable and accurate record of what was said. Traditionally, libraries have been the guarantors of this process: Preserving many copies, with no legal liability for the content (or at least less than the publisher might have), and with an institutional commitment to permanence and preservation. The “vanishing act” discussion highlights a feature of unreliability of e-archives that depends (1) on the physical malleability of the record and (2) on the slightly lower commitment to full preservation that a publisher might have. It is disturbing, because it is the tip of the iceberg, I think: If for fairly transient reasons, publishers will pull articles, when might not publishers prove unreliable for other reasons?

But the question that follows on this discussion for me is this: If we were to ask that not publishers but authors be the guarantors of permanence, self-publishing or publishing in institutional repositories where the author retains control over the copyright and disposition of his/her material — what protection do we then have to assure us that articles will remain archived, unchanged, in perpetuity? Are there articles I have written that I wouldn’t mind disappearing? Actually, yes. Are there pieces of articles that I would quietly change if I could? Well, interesting thought, sure.

Is it important that the record abide? Then should not all discussions of e-publishing for scholarly purposes include a discussion of preservation that includes not only the physical vulnerability of the media but their psychosocial vulnerability? What guarantors other than libraries do we realistically have?

—  Jim O’Donnell, via email to Liblicense, excerpted in “What is a library anymore, anyway?”
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Today is the day it all gets real for me. I’ve finished my novel, which I’ve tentatively titled The Lost King. I can’t believe that I’ve actually finished. I started working on this back when I was still working toward my BA at SFSU. I excited and terrified about what I am about to do next. I’ve have decided that I’m going to e-publish instead of going the traditional route. I’ll be posting through out this whole process. Cross your fingers for me.

The best investment a writer can make is a great editor

For anyone considering self-publishing an eBook or traditional format book or for any authors getting ready to send those queries off to agencies and publishers with bated breath, I am now offering editorial services. One of the most important steps in getting a manuscript ready for publication is a thorough, professional edit.

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rlnerdgirl replied to your post: Dear followers,What original fiction …

Knockout (I so want more of this!) or Tin Hero (because it sounds super interesting and cool). Also, you posting any of these anywhere?

The aim is to post them to AO3, wattpad and (once I have it up) my own author site. Once I have drafts (HAHAHAHAHAKILLME) then I’d look at ePublishing.

(and oh my god I’m so sorry I failed at wayward arrows hardcore /o\)

oohlooksooshiny said:Succubus and serial killer sounds pretty fab. Do you have any idea what kind of world this would be set in? As in magic in our world or full blown we’re not in Kansas anymore fantasy world? Somewhere completely different? Good luck!

Her Name isn’t Tess will be urban fantasy, a supernatural underground ala Buffy kinda thing :D

goldenmeme said: Ooo! Joella Normal! Or Jam Jar. Or… Her Name Isn’t Tess if you’re feeling naughty. Assuming HNIT has queer elements, otherwise forget that noise.

Main character and obligatory love interest are both bisexual, but love interest is a dude. I always laugh over this one because I think it’s the only M/F story I have in the works.


fathappyhippo said: Joella normal or Jam Jar verse, and then try to finish them around when I’m acquiring as an agent and let me sell them around the world!

This is assuming they’re any good. They might not be any good. OH GOD ILU.

12point9 said: Knockout/Her Name Isn’t Tess! Either or. But I want to read literally all of these

You guys don’t understand how happy it makes me that you’re excited about my original fiction.

New Solutions from Xerox Support Paper-Less Document Processes; Also Now Offering Hyland OnBase and Datawatch Solutions

New Solutions from Xerox Support Paper-Less Document Processes; Also Now Offering Hyland OnBase and Datawatch Solutions

Xerox is introducing several new offerings designed to make implementing paperless business-document processes easier: Digital Alternatives Tool, ePublishing Services, and Print Awareness Tool, as well as two solutions from partners Hyland Software and Datawatch.

Xerox’s Digital Alternativesis software for both Microsoft Windows-based PCs and Apple iPad tablets running iOS 7. It helps automate…

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Dynamics of the Children’s Digital Book Market — 2014 Digital Publishing Summit Report

The children’s book market is fast becoming one of the most dynamic in the digital space. That’s the conclusion of the Digital Publishing Summit organized by Aquafadas just before the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, where four publishers from four different parts of the world shared their experiences. Even in a difficult market such as Russia’s, where piracy is a huge brake on the digital economy, children’s books represent the most interesting segment for tablets, smartphones and e-reader distribution. They all use Aquafadas technology to create their digital books, and each shared their experiences in the digital publishing market.


Announcing the search for a new aois21 logo!

As our company grows beyond the basic shell it was created in, we are taking steps to build our brand as an alternative to the traditional publishing industry as well as a trusted source of quality stories, regardless of the genre. To show our commitment to new and emerging web services, we have enlisted the work-for-hire site Fiverr to help us design our new company logo, the centerpiece of a new corporate identity.

We have selected the following five designers from around the world:

Once each design is completed, we will be posting the results for your review and then an open vote. Let your voice be heard and help us choose a symbol that stands for a company that is here to for everyone regardless of background, ethnicity, or genre.

The new logo will not only appear on our website, book covers, and promotional material. It will be the center of our new identity, including a new website and new promotional products. We have succeeded so far because so many have been willing to help us. We are looking to succeed with your help once more.

The Best Flip Book Software adds so many features to give an edge to your publishing’s

Publishing is increasingly become EPublishing, that is, publishing over the internet. A combination of factors aided these new developments. A Best Flip Book Software allows creation of attractive digital versions from the static PDFs and also enables to publish the same over the internet.

Books and most of other regular publishing are gradually disappearing from the physical world. They are still there, in fact, the relevance of all of these is increased further, as the age is defined as the knowledge economy, where information is wealth. Yet, these have changed completely. Now the books, magazines and other publications are easily available over the internet, and can be read at the convenience from wherever one might be. It is also the age of computers, a lot more things hitherto only possible by the human’s presence and interference could be done by the new age, supremely sophisticated digital gadgets. These devices are evolving as the time passes by, making the life easy and smooth. The PCs gave way to laptops, and laptops to the ultra sleek Tablets, along side, the mobile phones have increased their capacity and speed and become smart, doing almost everything a computer does. This development has a huge impact on many areas, publishing is one of them. It has become digital publishing, i.e. publishing different content, including books and others over the internet, to be accessed by a range of new age devices.

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Why Do Characters in Erotic Novels Never Have Tea Breaks?

As I press the switch the light aluminates the darkness like a seedy Soho massage parlour. I stand in silence anticipating the low satisfying rumble from the boiling kettle. I am in a kitchen with the lonely white goods standing naked and cold; my bed is calling me back like a parent to a lost child. I place my hand on the warm plastic, feeling the heat emanating from within. A wave of comfort and security washes over my entire body, soothing and sensual, satisfying my carnal needs. The heat begins to intensify to a point where I can hardly bare to keep my hands in place. The low rumble erupts into a gurgling symphony of sounds, growing louder and louder until the button… clicks. The room fills with steam which quickly condenses on the ceiling above.