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Of course you would be a fantastic Cosette but might I say you look like you'd play a fabulous Eponine



I mean…


It could happen…


 Unfortunately, however, I am not a super human, nor a super belter, nor an amazing belter, or really a belter at all, and while I have connections not the right ones to get me Eponine anywhere.

 It isn’t impossible. It is just unlikely. I swear if one of my voice teachers (who played Valjean on Broadway) has it his way I will. And truth be told I want too! That would be really cool! The part used to beat out Christine Daae on my dream roles list but Cosette kicked her out and then soprano life took over and that was the end of that.

 Honestly, I would feel rather guilty if I ever played Eponine. So many actresses want to play her. No. That’s not pressing enough. They are DYING to play her. It’s like when a belter or an alto player Christine. I feel like they are taking my spot. I would hate to do that to someone else, you know? I am very conscious about these things as silly as they seem.

 If you are looking for me singing the role I can direct you to some links however! You are not totally out of luck there!

On My Own

A Little Fall of Rain

 But I mean really, why would I give up this?


Nah, that’s where I belong! Xx