Okay, one thing I absolutely hated in Age of Ultron was the prima nocta ‘joke’. It wasn’t in the original released clip so it must have been a late addition, and I cannot for the life of me work out why Joss Whedon thought it was funny or appropriate. Maybe he thought it was somehow clever sneaking some Latin in under the radar, but even then I can’t work out what he expected-

“Wait, what’s prima nocta?”

“Oh, it’s the word for the old English law which dictated a noble had the right to rape a woman on the first night of her marriage!”

“What in the actual fuck, Joss.”

Day #2 of a drink magically appearing on my desk and Wild Wednesday OOTD features a turquoise strand, purple crop pants, and giraffe peep toes to offset a taupe top.

  • Artist: Jeff Miracola
  • Card Name: Nightcreep
  • Card Number: no 49
  • Card Text: Until end of turn, all creatures become black and all lands become Swamps.
  • Community Rating: 3 to 3.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 2
  • Expansion: Dissension
  • Flavor Text: “Please tell me I’m hallucinating. I’d rather be crazy than here.” —Gorev Hadszak, Wojek investigator
  • Mana Cost: [Black][Black]
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Types: Instant

It was a very light workout for today, just a mile or so walk around the track with my friend ^_^ tbh it just felt nice being outside. The boyfriend and I then went and had some dinner in the park and we walked some more but I didn’t track it. Workout #2 for the week~! One more and I’ve hit my weekly goal ^_^ tomorrow is a rest day (maybe) 💪 💕 app is fitocracy, watch is a polar FT4 monitor 💕 #fitfam #fitness #workout #weightloss #fitstagram

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Charlie is a hunter and she knows all the risks. Sam and Dean have risked their lives to help their friends and family people, even in situations that were ridiculous or dangerous, but they did it anyway. I just can't believe that all the blame is already being assigned to Sam, like he chained her to a post and forced her. It's not like Charlie is being lied to, like poor Kevin. And with all the Sam hate that is surely to come, I'm sad I'll have to avoid your blog if you are adding to the blame.

Did I blame Sam and hadn’t noticed this? 

No. I don’t see any point in pointing fingers and blaming. Sam is doing the only thing he can, there is nothing else do be done, and HE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING. 

So he turns to their only friend aside of Cas, for help. if he could have, he would have done it himself. but he NEEDS HELP. and Charlie can help. 

If he would have any suspicion that she can die, i am SURE he would never have asked her. 

My point is, Sam will feel this blame - because this is Sam. and well, if this will be the case, the reason she will die will be, again, being too close to the Winchesters. 

What I am hoping is for them BOTH to realize that (if!! ido’t know) Charlie and Kevin were ‘collateral damage’ from them trying to save each other AS A TEAM. not as one brother (or fandom) blaming the other. 

and to actually look at this and make some decisions for the future, decisions that as i’ve said, i hope they will never need to test in reality. but to realize them and move forward. 

However, you should follow only blogs tat make you happy, so I won’t hold it against you if you choose to unfollow me. I can reassure you though, that blame on Sam (and in general) you won’t find here. (okay you will find blame on Metatron.. :P)

AU Steve Rogers

Things I would love to see:

A Steve Rogers who isn’t an art student.  Everyone latches onto Steve’s artistic side like it’s the only character trait he had pre-serum.  And yes, I know in the comics he went to art school at some point but that’s his baseline.  That’s Steve’s life before he ever realized that there could be more than that.  A Steve Rogers who remains an art student is probably a Steve Rogers who has failed to grow as a person.

Give me a Steve Rogers who goes to college to study art and then realizes that even though he loves art, he loves people more, so he switches to political science or some kind of social work degree or anything at all that actually demonstrates that Steve Rogers is a deeply caring and protective person who actively wants to make the world a better place.  Not that you can’t do those things and also be an art student but I think that a modern Steve - hell, even a Steve who remains in college in the 40s - would ultimately find it to be fulfilling because it’s not direct enough.

Give me a Steve Rogers who spends all his time doing extra curricular work for student organizations.  A Steve Rogers who goes to protests and organizes student campaigns to make changes in their school so that it’s more accessible and meets the need of all its students.  A Steve Rogers who works himself to the bone between his classes and his student organizing.  A Steve Rogers who gets arrested at a demonstration.

And don’t forget that pre-serum Steve is disabled too.  Like, that’s how he’s a superhero even in a setting with no superpowers.  Everyone around him sees how much he does and how he pushes through the asthma attacks and the chronic pain and the million and one other things that plague him.  It’s a joke with all of his friends that he’s clearly some kind of government experiment, a super-soldier who just keeps going and doesn’t need to sleep or eat.  (The truth is that he needs someone like Bucky or Peggy to keep him grounded and remind him that he is only human and that his body has needs and he can’t ignore them forever.  The truth is that Steve Rogers will always put himself on the line for someone else and if he’s not doing it literally as a soldier then he’ll do it figuratively by running himself into the ground in the name truth and justice.)

In short, give me a Steve Rogers who actually stands for something, even if he isn’t a soldier.

I ve been struggling with feeling pretty lately. I don’t want other people to call me beautiful I just want to be able to remind myself that I am in fact beautiful and feelings of doubt and self judgement are temporary.
An unnecessary amount of social guilt is placed upon girls as a means of making them avoid feeling confidence. Its seeps in and maintaining the walls against those pressures is constant work and feels exhausting.
Rule #1 you don’t owe anyone beauty.
#2 you can choose to love yourself.


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