• Rachel:Hey! I know this is kind of...out of the blue, considering that we don't really know one another and we've really one seen each other twice, but I had kind of a huge favor to ask.
  • Rachel:I'm looking for a job. Now that I'm living on my own, rent's getting tight and I don't want to ask my fathers to chip in more than they are, even though they would. And, truthfully, I could use with the distraction. Do you know if there's any open at Will's?

I hate my Angel AU so much. In a good way, but just so much. It’s turned into this potluck of canons where every iteration of Anna + Elsa + ANGELS turns into its own mini story. It makes it slightly difficult to focus.

Right now there’s this whole problem of wanting Elsa to be an angel of death and coming up with a plausible reason for that to happen, because the answer that makes most sense is that she was surrounded by death or otherwise failed life when she was alive, and that makes the easiest route to have Anna as her dead sister in that universe. But in that particular installment, Anna’s supposed to be her guardian angel who develops a crush, and I want there to be a chance of reciprocation when Elsa dies without having to go through the whole, “Wait, sisters?” mess.

Falling for your dead sister just opens the door to so much pain and awkwardness, and that’s not what I feel like writing at the moment.

Okay, I mean, I’d totally read that story (Ghost AU!), but not the point.

Anyway, I’ve decided that the solution to the problem in this iteration is to have had Anna’s mortal existence completely undone.

By demons. …It’s not as relevant as it maybe should be.

That way, on the mortal plane, Elsa would still have the shadow of Anna’s nonexistence following her around (because completely erasing someone from reality means nothing to love in fiction), feeling the loss, but she herself would not have actually lived a life where they were sisters. She’d just feel the longing and shame and regret that eventually leads to her becoming an angel of death.

Meanwhile, Anna, the one who gets to walk around knowing that she and Elsa both exist, would feel similar shadows of their relationship. It would probably be more painful for her, since she doesn’t have a mortal life to remember anymore, but she gets to follow Elsa around knowing what they were supposed to be and slowly learning that it would have been incredible.

Eventually, though, she gets to deciding that maybe the universe originally had other plans for them, but all that means is now she loves Elsa in all of the ways she was intended to and a few others besides, and that’s its own kind of wonderful.

Unfortunately, Elsa has to die in order for her to figure all of that out as well.

I should have stuck to writing prompts.