This week Laura, Andre and Jake are joined by the wonderful Jennifer Ketzl from Avalon Lords, which is currently on Kickstarter. We talk about the game, kickstarting an experience that requires backers to pay a subscription fee for after launch, how their MMO RTS war game has roots in Club Penguin and much much more. 

So much love for the podcast @liam_shaff introduced me to forever ago. Still my favorite one. :)
If you haven’t heard it, you should go find it. <3

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Journey Through Subbed: D.Gray-Man - Episodes 58 and 59

Allen wakes up alive in the Asian branch of the Black Order. And he still wanted to keep on going. He never stopped moving, listening to Mana of course. It’s very inspiring how all throughout the series he does this. Stays true to his word to Mana and never quits. It’s a quality of his I like. I just hope he keeps it up enough to regenerate his Anti-Akuma weapon soon. I really want to see Lenalee’s face when she sees him alive in person. ((I really don’t know weather or not to ship them.. Cause Lenalee could be with other guys from the order and it would be just as cute. I’m starting to lean towards her and Allen though.)) 

He tries and tries again with regenerating his Anti-Akuma weapon. He never quits. Not until they demand that he breaks. He still eats a lot of food and sleeps for only a short amount of time. He’s the same old Allen personality wise, but that doesn’t mean loosing his whole purpose of life hasn’t effected him. He will continue to fight the Guard Girl ((I don’t remember her name.)) and discover his bond with his Innocence. I have faith in him. 

This show just makes me really happy, okay?