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So I’m not going to be able to rewatch for a few hours, but I’m still having a huge flail over the Dean/Cas stuff we got. Cas letting Hannah down as gently as possible, saying that feelings can’t get in the way of the mission, while at the same time telling her that Dean is his priority. Hannah acknowledging that Dean is Cas’s priority. Dean flipping out and nothing is getting through to him when it’s Sam, until Cas arrives and cuddles him into submission. Cas explaining that Dean didn’t want to return to being human because it’s too hard to deal with the human love and pain, but once Cas holds him, the next shot of blood takes, and he gives in and comes back (no matter how temporarily).

Sam in denial about any future problems that Dean may have (due to just not wanting to deal with it right now, it’s just too much for him), but Cas still wants to get Dean right again. Dean and Cas being left alone in the bunker together.

Dean and Cas talking. Dean telling Cas that he’s glad he’s there, that he looks good. The shy smiles, Cas forgiving Dean unconditionally (hey, anyone remember Colette and Cain?). Cas telling Dean to take time, that he doesn’t need to go back to work just yet, that he can just relax now.

I’m really having a lot of emotions over this at the moment.


Can we talk about this for a second? I made these gifs for another set, but when looking at them I noticed something. Look at the lighting here? You can not tell me that wasn’t deliberate.

Half of his face is in the light, half is in the dark. Much like how Rumple is making him feel right now. Light and dark.  Part of him KNOWS he’s changed, a better man, a GOOD person. But now Rumple is making him question himself. Maybe he hasn’t changed… maybe he really does still have a dark soul. This part of the season we are gonna see Killian battle with his inner demons, the ones that are eating at him and trying to tell him who he is and who he isn’t. He doesn’t know anymore. The only thing he knows is he loves Emma, and wants what is best for her. But what if that isn’t him? What if he truly is, just a pirate.

Of course as a VIEWER, we know better, and we know Killian does have a good heart. But Rumple is playing all his cards just right, making Killian start to doubt himself. Much like I think the Snow Queen is about to do with Emma (hence her starting to lose control of her magic soon)

But what is so beautiful about this, is that THIS is what is going to make them both FULLY accept themselves. They will have won the battle in their own heads, and be CONFIDENT in who they are. Sure, they are confident in each OTHER, but not themselves. Not just yet. But soon. Very soon.

And baby, I am so ready to see it.

i’m sure everyone has already discussed this but i have so much respect for this show even solely from a writing standpoint so i’m going to talk about my feelings anyway.

i’ve written so many things (mostly for classes) about female characters and agency that i may or may not have cheered a little bit when laura stood up for herself. i can name a lot of books/shows/films that are popular and loved (which is fine, but also a post for another time) but also totally shaft their female characters and strip them of their agency. (the hunger games comes to mind since i wrote a research paper on it last year.) and a lot of times, unfortunately, it’s not presented as problematic by the writers or taken as problematic by the consumers.

but the issue of laura’s agency is tackled head-on here. she tells danny, “you meant that ‘laura’s too dumb to know what she can and can’t handle, and needs to be protected by the big-strong-grown-ups.’ that’s all anyone ever wants to say to me. my dad, the zetas, you…everyone” (1:39). in doing so, not only does she assert her own agency, she makes it clear that she’s sick of everyone else trying to take it from her. they can’t have it. laura’s not as naive as they all think, she doesn’t need to be babied, and she certainly doesn’t need people trying to protect her at the expense of her own agency.

she’s clear with how she feels, and regardless of her crush, she calls out danny’s behavior. (fandom partner in crime has already discussed danny’s white-knighting here, so i’m not going to get into it.) and it’s not just danny she calls out. a pointed look and that last bit of her line, “…everyone” does not leave carmilla off the hook (re: you are a child, and you know nothing). and you can tell by the looks on danny and carmilla’s faces that they understand what laura’s telling them, and that they respect it.

BUT NOT ONLY THAT. danny says, out loud, clear as day (this is the internet-equivalent of telling someone to pinch me), “okay, fine, i’ll back off” (2:17). no, “well, if you change your mind” or anything. she accepts it — she’s clearly upset, because she really likes laura too, but she does accept it. and she says she’ll see her in class. 

a lesser series would 1) not be about lesbians and vampires but also 2) be about lesbians and possibly vampires but hinge on that as the progressive point of the material and then fall back on problematic — in this case, Nice Guy — tropes. (or claim they’re super progressive w/o really being progressive…come ask me about jkr and dumbledore some time.) and so often shows play the Nice Guy card expecting audiences to fully sympathize with this poor nice boy. and so often, audiences do. 

but not here. 

here, we can sympathize with both, and while they do yell and get into a legitimate argument, danny and laura are very open and honest with each other. there is no Nice Guy propping up of danny lawrence. there is no, “well then i’ll just wear her down.” no. there is danny and laura being mature enough to recognize that they need different things right now. and maybe later, they’ll need the same things. maybe not. we’ll have to wait and see. but the fact that this show could have easily fallen back on typical relationship infrastructures and instead chose to pretty much dismantle them and show everyone how it’s done is incredible to me. and did i mention this is all within a narrative about lesbians and vampires? AND GIANT MUSHROOMS?

tl;dr - i have the utmost respect for this show’s writers and so many of the narrative decisions they’ve made so far. ladies x agency otp!!!!!