Whether you see Astral and Yuma’s relationship as platonic or romantic, we can all agree on ONE THING HERE.

Yuma hasn’t eaten anything in what has (probably) been more than a few days. He doesn’t bother talking to ANYBODY, including his friends and family. Even when his friends come over to try and bring him out of his room with food and activities to do, he ignores them. He looks like he hasn’t changed his goddamn clothes since they came back home. He hordes himself in his room and replays Astral’s death in his mind over and over, hearing his last words echo in his head (basically torturing himself). Most of all? He cannot. Stop. CRYING. If that wasn’t enough, Yuma nearly throws the cherished Numbers deck he had built with Astral to the floor out of frustration and despair.

Instead of acting first and asking questions second, Yuma is, for the first time, doing the exact opposite.

This kid is not just depressed.

He is fucking heartbroken.