She takes good care of my hair.. gotta give it to her, maintaining this mane ain’t any kinda joke. My hairs super curly and thick (Jamaican texture + Dominican curls) but she always manages to get it looking and feeling like 5million bucks every time. #mybabysgoodtome #naturalhair #curlyfro #thickhair #naturalgirls #naturallyqueer #thankyoubaby #Afro #girlswithfros #girlswithafros #TetrisSimone by #epiphanybee

The Poet WILL Be Televised! is returning to @Leftfieldbar on Wednesday, Sept. 10th at 730pm.

Sign up for the open mic and allow the house trio to reform your poems into sultry artistry or rock out with a freestyle.

Hosted by @thatninjawordz and #ThePoetWILLBeTelevised band (@tetrissimone #marquesdurieux @fotosbyjett).

Sponsored by @funkadelicstudiosnyc
Produced by @thereclife

For more information email or follow @danni_booboochile @mediadivaent @_epiphanybee_


*sing to tune of ‘favorite things’ from the sound of music*

Oxtails and roses and sunflowered daisies. Red lady buggies and fruit filed ice glazes. Liquor on those nights are so filled with fun. Spend one week with us and come get you some. Late nights in BK, or brunch in Harlem, or a jam session. See, these are a few of our favorite things.. so come on over, and get some! :-)

Being a poet is just like being a stripper. We stand on stages, bare, naked, exposed; head, heart and soul. We let complete strangers, associates, friends and family see and feel parts of us we ourselves would normally tuck deep in far away dark places. We wear our heart on our sleeves, untailored and bare. We are real. We are love. We are pure. We are poetry. We are poets.
—  Epiphany Bee

Someone told me that this logo was perfect. Eyes are a form of identity. So is a name. So replacing the eyes with my name works perfect and it’s creative.. So, it’s decided!! Logo one is down. 2 more to go. !! #WootWoot #SelfLogo #EpiphanyBee