Quite a few people requested some form of trait/personality generator, and here’s the result!  I wanted to keep it vague enough that the options could work for any universe, be it modern, fantasy, scifi, or anything else, so these are really just the basics. Remember that a character is much more than a list of traits, and this should only be used as a starting point– I tried to include a variety of things, but further development is definitely a must.

Could pair well with the gender and sexuality generator.

To Play: Click and drag each gif, or if that isn’t working/you’re on mobile, just take a screenshot of the whole thing (multiple screenshots may be required if you want more than one trait from each category).


Post-Scratch Meenah Peixes.

Also known as )(er Imperial Condescension, Empress of the Alternian Empire, Betty Crocker, the Batterwitch and the Baroness.

Other Post-Scratch Trolls;

Karkat Vantas, Knight of Blood.
Aradia Megido, Maid of Time.

Tavros Nitram, Page of Breath.
Sollux Captor, Mage of Doom.
Nepeta Leijon, Rogue of Heart.
Kanaya Maryam, Slyph of Space.
Terezi Pyrope, Seer of Mind. 
Vriska Serket, Thief of Light.
Equius Zahhak, Heir of Void. 
Gamzee Makara, Bard of Rage
Eridan Ampora, Prince of Hope.
Feferi Peixes, Witch of Life.