I have these paper birds in my room from 17883 years ago and I still think they look cool..😛


Transformation Not Tuesday level 300 (my baby hospital bracelet in my hand today.)😛

straight up i feel like christina wrote this as an ode to people like emma, whom are closed off. to not be afraid to let go of the pain and love again. and the ‘ghost’ urging her to is killian, it’s why she wore killian’s necklace in the bath scene. just. hold me pls.

Tried to rub the ice off the window and realized it looked like a super hero. 👥

What has happened to “Scandal”?

A soap opera for our Twitter-crazed times, the Shonda Rhimes hit made its reputation on its habit of turning up the flame on a juicy scene, compressing stories other shows would have taken months to tell and delivering a glamorous vamp in Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a DC crisis manager who just happened to be screwing POTUS.

Most of the stories were far-fetched and outrageous but in a pulpy, enjoyable way.

Last season, Rhimes ran into some trouble as she tried anything to keep shocking her audience, often forewarning them on Twitter about the gross things they were about to witness. Mama Pope (Khandi Alexander) practically gnawed off her own wrist to get out of jail.

Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) had her tooth pulled out on camera. Characters were killed off seemingly every three weeks. In the season finale, the president’s teenage son dropped dead on stage while his father (Tony Goldwyn) gave a speech.

That death stopped the show in its soap-opera tracks, as it created a well of sympathy for the First Lady, Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young), and made Olivia look like a narcissistic lush who chases after other women’s husbands. Erotic magnetism with Olivia aside, the newly re-elected POTUS is not leaving his grieving wife to marry Olivia.

So that storyline is dead, though “Scandal” still has Olivia fantasizing — in front of the terminally bland Jake (Scott Foley), her current erotic diversion — about living with him in some fantasy lodge in Vermont. (Does anybody even care if they get together anymore?)

With the show’s return on Thursday night — after its midseason hiatus — we wonder what we are left with.

The abstruse B-613 terrorist subplot has about run its course (it’s never been well-executed). In Episode 9 (“Where the Sun Don’t Shine”), the last episode to air in 2014, the show’s bad habits stuck out like a sore thumb, in particular the truly annoying way they all have of speaking — or shouting — to each other, which suggests the invisible presence of oxygen tanks as the characters take dramatic pauses between shouts.

To wit: “What [pause] are [pause] you doing here?” Or: “You are [pause] simply [pause] looking in the mirror.”

We were also treated to one of those cliched scenes that have been in almost every soap opera, where the distraught character points a gun at the person she loves/hates and lingers, eyes welling as the finger trembles on the trigger.

You need a real soap opera pro like Joan Van Ark or Judith Light, in her scenery-chewing heyday on “One Life to Live,” to pull that off, but Ms. Washington, glamourpuss that she is, doesn’t make us feel very much sympathy for Olivia. It’s hard to be on her side.

As for everyone else, they’re just bouncing out of bed and off to a Cabinet meeting or ducking out for a quickie. In an effort to satisfy the audience’s insatiable hunger for more betrayals, more sordid hookups, more bullets in the back and (always) more shouting, “Scandal” has been a victim of its own sugar rush.

Rhimes has said that she knows how “Scandal” will end. Given the show’s current state, that day might come sooner rather than later.

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